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The End Game of Homework

May 2, 2022
By 25cw01 SILVER, St. Paul, Minnesota
25cw01 SILVER, St. Paul, Minnesota
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The clock just strikes eleven pm. Another page of math homework left and you’re waking up at six for school in the morning at this rate the student will be getting 7 hours of sleep and according to an article from Cleveland health clinic says that children need at least 9 hours of sleep a night. Soon the body is tired and shutting down making it harder to complete the seemingly never ending amount of homework. But students have to keep trying because if they don't finish it they’ll be punished. This situation happens to students worldwide and it's because of schools giving excessive amounts of homework. Schools don’t know every student's home life and how hard it can be to complete homework and students shouldn’t be punished for not doing their homework if they absolutely weren’t able to. Every student is different and retains information differently and all of them don’t retain information well if they’re expected to teach themselves the material. I will be listing and explaining the reasons why students do not finish their homework, the effects a lot of homework has on students, and finally, the disadvantages that excessive homework brings onto kids like not being able to explore new things because they’re too busy with their math homework. 

The first reason why students may not finish their homework is because students have a life outside of school and they could be busy. They could be busy with family things, sports games, or other responsibilities, and appointments. Maybe they’re driving thirty minutes away for a doctor's appointment and won’t be back for a good half hour, sooner or later it’ll be dinner time then bedtime to get that minimum amount of hours of sleep a kid should get, nine. Another scenario is the student might have a sport and practice would typically end around five thirty giving barely any time before dinner and bedtime. 

In addition to being busy or failing to complete the work, this takes a toll on them mentally. According to tests done by Stanford University’s researchers,  the results show that 56% of students say that homework is the primary thing stressing them out. Many students feel that homework leaves them without any energy or motivation to do anything because the amount of homework is seemingly endless. Another study from Stanford’s researchers is that students are spending more time alone than with their families or doing a fun activity among their communities. This isn’t good for finding any new interests or hobbies because students and young people should be trying new things and not be so busy to the point where you can’t have fun or peak interests.

There are of course disadvantages of not being able to try new things and peaking new interests, and they are the fact that young people and students will miss out on the opportunity to do anything because they had too much homework. You can’t expect a kid to be working hard for 8 hours a day then go home and be expected to do even more work, especially if the kid doesn’t understand how to do the work that leads to even more problems. The kid may want to take shortcuts or not do it at all, which will lead to missing assignments and sooner or later that’s gonna pile up and be a snowball effect. And yet teachers say not to work on other work from other classes during their class because it's your teacher's time but yet kids don’t want to work on any of your work on their time. 

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