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The Goal

September 23, 2019
By Anonymous

 Let's talk about how do you get into a college of your choice. Welp for all you youngins that are ages 11-18 and that's from the bottom your goal or your mindset should be too go straight to college but don't settle for less or what's easy go beyond such as any college of your choice. As it turns out, that's my goal and for those that are reading this you can apply some stuff to get to any college you want !

Now that you know that my goal is to too collage i'm going to tell you my steps im going to take to achieve my goal. Since i am a student athlete i'm going to aim for a GPA of 3.5 or higher so no college can pass me up and say I don't meet the requirements. Another thing im going to do is study hard for the sat so there for when it's time to pick what college i'm going to they will check my score i get on my sat  to see if i meet their requirements. 

If only it was that easy as it seems, but nope its not especially not for me. My background is the main reason why i say that. Sense i grew up in a bad hood and all i been around are guns and more violence and i have been having to grow up with moms getting beat on so she has not really have time on her hands to make it easy for me and I can't blame her because it's understandable. But I won't let that be an excuse of why i won't be able to meet my goal. I'm going to get me a tutor without having to pay for it and that will happen because my mom has connections for me. And the reason why im going to have to get a tutor because I know I will end up getting lazy and having a tutor will help because they will guide me and i feel like i would let them down if i stop. 

And sense my family dont have enough to pay for my books or for me to get into college im going to have to get a scholarship not just any im talking about a full ride so I won't have to be in debt. And sense i'm a student athlete i'm going to be able to get that full ride just by doing my part on the court as well by that i'm talking about just being a leader and just doing what i gotta do to help the team win. But now that you know what im going to do what will you do? 

The author's comments:

I want people to know that when you have a goal you are going to need help with somthing

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