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Road to Life

September 23, 2019
By TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Dreams are wishes to become who you want to be in the future, but some don’t have the chance to really achieve what they want in life. Life is unfair, no one is fortunate and you get hit with many difficult upcoming life challenges that awaits you on your journey, but to me, this isn’t a dream for me, this is a destination. As for me, this is my destination. Writing can go a long way. Some of us write because itś a way to make us feel comfortable or set off to our own world. You can create your own world from writing whatever you want and what you want to express. Some of us do what we enjoy most as a hobby as a way to escape reality, but at the same time, living life and entering oneś comfort zones. Writing can make one’s life successful, which leads paths to receiving awards and publishing books from it or just simply writing online to get reviews. This path isńt an easy path to begin with. Anybody at a certain age can write but perfecting such a basic trait can be so hard and takes time to improve.

This dream was not decided from the day I was born. My decision of choosing this certain path took some time, but due to the reason that my question in life that has always gotten me to think is ̈What am I good at in life?̈ or ̈What can I become good at in life?̈ this question has always been one that I have trouble answering. In order to accomplish this dream, I am going to need guidance from my leaders, coordinator and director. Iĺl need to improve as much as I can with the knowledge I have and take it beyond with upcoming challenges that awaits me. Graduating High School was not an easy task, but the real challenge really hits at a college level of writing. Going to college and then choosing a major relating to a writing subject then going through that. This will not be an easy task, but then again life was never easy. Reading and writing alone can only take me so far with the knowledge I already have.
Publishing a book was not necessarily a reason why I chose my path to becoming a successful writer in the first place, nor was it that I like to read books. Publishing a book is another step to take forward with what you have worked with already and publishing all that just makes writing worth the work which will benefit you in the long run. It does not matter how many reviews that you get in order to receive a better salary nor more reviews cause at that point, youŕe just destroying what you really wanted to do. Books weren't published in the first place to get better reviews for the author, they were published by the author due to their passion of wanting to write it.

Therefore, becoming a writer can lead to many great achievements in life. This path in life requires lots of effort and input into this passion of mine. Thereś no end and no retirement from something that you love doing. Writing is a way of showing your love and passion towards it and whatś written is expressing it and sharing that to those that read it. When it comes to doing things that you have a passion for, it shows people more of how you are as a person than someone who you just communicate with. When death eventually comes, it compensates not only when living, but leaving something behind as well, only if you make it so. It becomes an inspiration to those that share the same passion.

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