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Tupac's Impact

December 21, 2018
By camilamedeles GOLD, Sacramento, California
camilamedeles GOLD, Sacramento, California
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"It is not what the world holds for it is what you bring to it"-Anne

High school students should study Tupac because he’s a good role model and a lot of people can relate to him.He has impacted so many people’s lives by his music,poetry,and his beliefs.Thug life was a huge movement that he wanted people to be apart of.He also changed the N word and the B word.

 Throughout Tupac’s teenage life he was mistreated.He was bullied all through high school because he was different.Everyone in his school  had expensive things and he didn’t.Michael Eric Dyson states.”To them he looked funny,like some kind of square reject.”Tupac didn’t have a lot of money growing up so he couldn’t afford to get nice things.In high school people always care about what you wear,what brands you have.That’s all high school is ever about but to Tupac it was more than that.

 Tupac loved learning new things.”I read everything I can get my hands on,”said Tupac.A lot of people would assume since he was a rapper he wasn’t that educated but he was.He loved to read and write.Tupac especially loved to write poetry.He would write about love,pain,problems of his own,and problems that are going on in the world.That’s what made his poetry so different from others.One time in his class,student were assigned to recite their original poems.Dyson stated,”No one took the effort seriously,laughing clumsily through their lame,half-hearted attempts.”Tupac was the only one that put effort into it.He wrote a poem that intelligently detailed his love for a girl.He loved to write poetry especially about his experiences.He would write about love,pain,race ,and other important things.Pac wanted to leave a impact on people’s lives through his poetry and that’s when he started to make music.

 Tupac Shakur’s music was so different from other rappers.You would think he would talk about irrelevant things but no he rapped about so many important things.Race and politics were some of things he would rap about.Those topics made him very controversial,some people didn’t like what he had to about the police.But so many people agreed or related to him that’s why his music was so good.He changed meaning of words like the B word.In hip hop the B word means when a girl is with a guy and the guy “owns” her.Sometimes when a guy calls another guy a b---- it’s  a good thing.But Dyson states,”males intend to “b----” to be positive.How can they intend it to be positive when the word is meant to be offensive.” In his music he most of the time means it as a good thing.Just like T.H.U.G L.I.F.E .

 He created T.H.U.G  L.I.F.E. Tupac’s Thug Life philosophy was a social movement designed to empower black power.Tupac’s mom was a black panther so from a young age he knew all about black empowerment.He was teaching prisoners to live by a code on the streets.T.H.U.G  L.I.F.E is The Hate U Give Little Infants F***s Everyone which means white racism is going to explode in their faces.The 26 rule code is meant to curb black on black crime.

 Tupac might be controversial but he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind or stand up for people.Just because someone else has a different opinion than you it  doesn’t make the other person wrong.I think we can all learn something from Tupac like its ok to be different and to speak your mind no matter what.Despite that everyone thought he was a “thug” he was way more than that he was well educated and talented.His impact that he left on people will always live on and people will continue to share his legacy.

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