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Open Campus is the Only Solution

December 11, 2018
By b00kw0rm4 GOLD, Sacramento, California
b00kw0rm4 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Getting detention for something all us students did wrong sucks. But getting detention just because our own needs is even worse. I was just leaving school campus to get Mcdonalds because the school’s food is disgusting when a staff caught me wondering around the halls and walking towards the exit sign. Why am I being punished for something that doesn’t affect my grades but my hunger for good food.

For this situation to change, we should have our schools to be a Open Campus School. But there should be boundaries for what’s should be allowed and what shouldn’t so that both staffs and student could have a neutral aspect of this new situation. This could help the students in our schools be more reached out to the community and help lowers the detention rate of students because since most of them go outside of campus for personal reasonings. Furthermore, Open Campus doesn’t affects the education of a student and it doesn’t affects their way of thinking as well.

Yes, many parents will worry about their child being off campus but what they should already know is that their child is mature enough to be in high school, then they are mature enough to take care of themselves in the outside world. We students can take care of ourselves, even though many adults would think we're up to no good. But that is not always the truth. May some students would ditch class and go do trouble making  stuff. But what about the other students that doesn't cause any trouble? Do they have to suffer from other people's problems as well? Do they have to learn from school that because someone cause a troubling scene, that means someone else should also be punished because someone else's problem.

Although many students would be out of campus that doesn't mean we can’t put any boundaries to the rules since they already have rules in school to “keep the students safe”. The boundaries that we should set for the safety and the acceptance of the parents for the students is, letting only 11th and 12th graders out of campus only during their lunch time and free period. Also that when students bring strangers or strangers get into the school they should always have their student ID. With the help of school security then students should be more safe. But what about their freedom? Should students be watched and observed like lab experiments? In the article School Split on ‘Open Campus’, Jean McGurn, a parent of two daughters, states, “Open Campus allows the students the freedom to make choices”.

Students would most likely like this little freedom they have in school but mostly parents and staff wouldn’t. Some staff would say that students shouldn’t be needing to leave campus because they should always be in school. But I don’t think students should always be in school because most of the students would care less about school and their education based on how they are being treated like for an example, being controlled and having no freedom outside of school’s campus. What we already know is that students in high school are teenagers and they should be prepared going on the adulthood.  

Also, we should focused on the student’s health. What if a student is allergic to to the school’s food and is very hungry? He or she can go out of campus and buy their food in the store. Then the school wouldn’t have to deal with the parent’s rage of their child’s life and their health. School shouldn’t be careless about the student’s health just because they want to be cheap about their food.

Each student’s life matters and I believe that each school’s district should care for the student’s freedom.  The school will and should always do what’s best for the staffs as well as the students because the students are the reason they are being paid. In one of the logo i found it says, “#SchoolsNotPrison”, so students shouldn’t have to feel like it is and so schools with open campus can make things better and easier for the life of the students, teachers, and the school’s itselfs.

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Inspired by the likes of our teachers and students. 

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