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February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Cell phones are taking over teenagers’ lives. They spend most of their time on the internet and cell phones. It takes aways spending time with their family and friends. Teenagers’ don’t know what it is like to have nothing to do. They don’t have to go outside and find something to do outside, because they are always on the phone. Kids are on social media at school all the time and it gets them in trouble.

When students get on their phones at school, it distracts them and then they don’t pay attention, which causes them to get in trouble. When they have a project to do and they have to do research they look it up on their phone so they never go to the library. Looking it up may be easier but going to the library is more dependable because you know the information that you get is true and had not been messed with.

Once kids get home, they get on their cell phones when they should go outside and get some sunlight. They think its better to be on their phones all the time than to do anything else. Most kids don’t hardly ever go outside because of phones. The only time they might go outside is when they are at school for athletics, or when they have no choice but to go outside.

Some kids don't have phones and they have no other choice than to find something to do instead of getting on their phone. They have to go outside instead of be in social media. That's another thing. Kids think they have to have social media but they don’t. A lot of kids think they have to have social media to be cool, but social media does not make you cool it is something where you tell everyone what is going on in your life.

Yes there is some people who became famous by being on social media, but think they tell the whole world what's going on in their life so they have no privacy. Everyone knows what you do all day. For example vloggers, everyone knows where they live, what their house looks like, and who their family is. It is kinda weird that they tell the whole world what they do, but if they do that everyday they like doing that. Most famous people have a lot of money.

Not everyone has a lot of money and can afford a phone. That’s why some kids don’t have phones. Another reason is that the kids parent does not trust them with a phone. Most parents don’t have the money, because they use their money to pay bills, buy groceries, and buy clothes or school stuff.

Adults always say “Kids these days don’t know what it is like to not have a phone or internet. They don’t know what it is like to have to go outside in the summer when is it really hot or in the winter when it is really cold and freezing.” Some parents say that for how long kids are on there phones rots their brain. They also say that phones are going to take over teenagers, because they spend hours on their phone a day.

Kids grammar is bad because of texting. When kids text they use bad grammar. For example instead of saying “What are you doing” they say “wryd.” Most kids say info. instead of information. Each time kids text they get used to the grammar they use when they are typing. That causes them to start talking in bad grammar. This year generation does not have a lot of proper grammar.

Soon everyone will depend on cell phones. That means they would use technology at school and for school projects. Which means kids won’t have to research through books. Not everything on the internet is true so they could learn something that is false.

When you learn something on the internet that is not true, you will think it is true. You would never know you were wrong unless you do more research about whatever you wanted to know. Learning something that is wrong is not good, because you will grow up to find out that the whole time you have been wrong. Then you have to get use to knowing the right answer not the answer you thought it was.

Everyone is on their phone a lot, and they can’t deny it. Most people have a cell phone. Even though people say they don’t get on their phone a lot they do, but they don’t notice how much they are. Even parents are on their phone a lot, and they complain about kids being on them all the time. Parents mostly complain about kids being on their phone before they have done their homework or chores if they have chores.

Kids say that phones are useful. They can be useful, but not all the time. When someone needs to have a project it can be useful. When a person has an essay to write the internet is useful, because that person can search a certain topic and not have to look through an index or go by page by page.

School probably uses the internet the most. For example they have to take attendance. Student use the internet to do school work and to get on social media. Teachers email each other and kids in college classes have to use the internet, because the college class is online. Some teacher have powerpoint or use a website. For example some ag classes use a website to teach us about animals and the agriculture. Kids sometime have to create powerpoint or even type a story or an essay on google docs, and you need the internet to do that.

Therefore the internet and cell phones are not always bad but most of the time they just distract people from more important things. It is good to have a phone. When using a phone be smart when using it. Cell phones are not good or bad so they are ok to have, but only when they are necessary.

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