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Sheldon vs Stiles

September 13, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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I have two favorite characters that I can relate to . Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory and Stiles Stalski from Teen wolf. Sheldon is remarkablely hillarious and Stiles is the serious one.

They both have mental disabilities but completely different. I love how kind and considerate Stiles is to his father and friends. He just wants to protect the people he loves.

Sheldon, well, he doesn't even have a filter. He talks non stop of all kinds of stuff. He is just the complete opposite of Stiles. He likes to annoy his friends.

Stiles, well, he keeps to himself. He goes through a lot of emotions every day; but, he's extremely loyal and caring. He just wants to fit in with his super natural friends.

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