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April 26, 2016
By Dabrowjp BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Dabrowjp BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Some may believe that users of technology as well as the vast improvements of devices  themselves influence people in a negative way.  That being said,  others strongly believe that advancing technology will improve the lives of everyone around the world. People can be influenced by others on social media to think poorly of others without getting to know why. They just do to keep relevant. However, this can be easily resolved by doing some extra research on the topic or not following gossip. People should influence others on social media in a positive way instead of a negative way by helping a cause, by posting helpful info with advertisements, and by putting their thoughts out.

To begin, as seen the influence of social media, a health organization was able to raise organ donations by a surprising amount. Andy Cameron, the surgical director of liver transplantation at John Hopkins University, stated that, “If you register to become an organ donor and then share that on Facebook, it creates a news feed that your friends are seeing.” They had not used adds to push the organ donations they posted on social media by using one's friends and family influenced one to help the cause by pitching in to help. According to Cameron, “117,000 individuals currently need organs in order to survive and many will die because of a lack of donors.” With this in mind, social media alone promoted 500,000 people to donate organs saving almost all of those lives. Now that they saw the results of the organ donation they have found out that many other things can be influenced by others, “It was your friends. You listen to what they say about movies or music, so you start thinking about this, too.” They believe it is not about seeing the post it is about friends who talk about it and may indeed influence you to help the cause. Some may say that people feel pressured because their friends helped the cause and they do not want to stick out. They would rather follow their friends and feel left out. However, people can make their own decisions in life and easily decline any offer without feeling pressured by one’s peers. Therefore, they were able to influence others to help a plausible cause to save lives of others.

Next, as seen with the insane amount of people that use the internet they all must use it in different way to be influenced or to influence others. Seeing how much social media has impacted everyone is insane. As they say in the article, “Social networks offer the opportunity for people to [reconnect] with their old friends and acquaintances, make new friends, trade ideas, share content and pictures, and many other activities”. Therefore, it shows how much social media opens up socialization and influences people to use it in order to be a part of society (B2C). “Net savvy companies are using social media to advertise their products, build customer loyalty and many other functions.” (B2C). Businesses also use social media for how cheap and easy it is to use compared to other ways they can advertise. “Every politician worth his salt needs to jump on the social media bandwagon. This is because social websites have played an important role in many elections around the world”. Politician use social media in order to gain more supporters to win the election. By using social media they have a greater advantage than people who do not use it. Teens are influenced by other teens, which are only trying to cyber-bully them, to sext them to only reveal the private images. Though like every other problem you can easily turn away from these pressures. Evidently, the overall influence that social media has on almost everybody's lives.

To follow up, people in third world countries are having their eyes opened with the tremendous influence of the internet and social media on their lives. “Thirsty for knowledge, for opportunities, for connecting with the rest of the people around the globe, we escaped our frustrating political realities and lived a virtual, alternative life”. The only way these people were able to join in to the cause to overthrow the oppressive government was by forgetting about the outside world and exploring the freedom of social media. “the page became the most followed page in the Arab world. … Social media was crucial for this campaign. It helped a decentralized movement arise. It made people realize that they were not alone. And it made it impossible for the regime to stop it" (Friedman).  In the article Ghonim created an anonymous Facebook page, about a man who was killed by police, and was able to influence people to cause a revolution. “Internet changed my life forever... I anonymously created a Facebook page and called it ‘We Are All Khaled Said.’ In just three days, the page had over 100,000 people, fellow Egyptians who shared the same concern” (Friedman). A single man with a few friends could gain 100,000 followers, in a matter of 3 days, that also had the same perspective. This shows how easy it was to use social media to influence people with the same ideas but may not be brave enough to express them. Some may say that people with this much influence could use it in a manipulative way and cause a riot for the good of him not the good of the people. Though with Ghonim side he wanted to stop the government from oppressing the people they are supposed to protect. As stated, even people with no power over anything can influence others to help a cause.

As aforementioned, every day, billions of people use social media and the internet everyday, and it is our job to be a positive influence to who looks up to us. By being an influence on social media one should use that power to improve other's personal lives. One should not abuse that power in ways that will harm others. We should not use the internet to only hurt people. Instead if we all use the internet to send a positive message it could change someone’s life or the entire internet at the same time. In other words, people need to open their eyes and see that social media influences how everyone lives.



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I am a middle school student in New Jersey.

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