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Judgment In Society

November 16, 2015
By GabbyHernandez2 BRONZE, Addis, Louisiana
GabbyHernandez2 BRONZE, Addis, Louisiana
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In society, we have judgment. Women and men are praised for looking a certain way, but women and men are put down for not meeting a certain standard. A woman for instance, can’t be skinny, or she will be labeled as anorexic. A woman can’t be curvy, or she’ll be labeled as fat. Society expects generations of people to look and act a certain way.

If a girl wants to play a sport, she’s automatically labeled as a tomboy. If a boy wants to do ballet, he’s labeled as homosexual. Girls and boys should be able to do what they are comfortable doing even though they are stereotyped. As humans, we shouldn’t judge each other; instead we should support each other. People go to school each day and are judged for what they love to do. Women get judged for wearing makeup and dressing a certain way because society labels them as not perfect or self absorbed. Men get labeled everyday for not having a certain facial structure or facial features because society points out their flaws. Judgment can become bullying, which could lead to the person being bullied becoming depressed, or hurting themselves.

Society controls our minds to believe we need to look a certain way to be something in life, or to be someone. People want to feel like they belong, so they change themselves to fit a completely different human beings standard. Young people, like teenagers, often believe they are nothing if they are not what our society wants them to be. This shouldn’t be a right thing to do because they only need to please themselves with they way they look. Lowering yourselves to meet society’s standards is something no one should do, whether they feel the need to be something they are not because we don’t. Cleary, the media is an influence to this. Regardless of age, or gender, young people want to look like the images they see in magazines. These young people starve themselves to reach the body images they see in the media.

Together as a generation, we can change that. There is no need for judgment in society because looking a certain way to impress people is not what life is about. Life is about living and being okay with looking the way we do, but society says differently. In society, we have to look and act a certain way to impress people, or to get satisfaction. The society for years has controlled us to believe we need to look like models in magazines, and if we don’t, we are not relevant. Our flaws make us who we are, and we shouldn’t hide our true self. Who cares what society says? Who cares what other people look like? We should not lower ourselves to their level to be something we’re not. Just because they label us as something, does not mean we have to be what we’re expected to be.

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