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Until Death

February 16, 2015
By Megan Collamati BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
Megan Collamati BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
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 Are you afraid to die, or how you are going to die?  Both are inevitable unless you trap yourself in a protection bubble for the rest of your life-but even that would only work for so long.  What is the point of being afraid of something that is unable to be controlled?  Exactly, there is none.  Some people spend their entire lives fixed on the idea of how they are going to exit this world, and in doing so; they are creating a dull, lifeless, unmemorable existence for themselves.

I asked my friend this exact question and her response was, “yes, absolutely.” She has many fears but her three main ones are her life after death, how she will die, and whom she will die with.  She has a constant fear of “being buried in the ground” and seeing darkness for the rest of her afterlife.  Likewise, she is afraid of what will get her into the ground and surrounded by dirt.

She continuously contemplates old age, car crashes, and murderers.  These three events have different objectives; however, they all have the same end result- death.  Old age is inevitable and there is nothing one can do to stop the process.  A car crash is bone-chilling; yet, there is a large possibility that there was no targeted person in that event.  Although in a murder, there is a victim.  There is one targeted human whether it is because of payback, or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Admittedly, these are fears planted in a large group of the human population; however, I personally believe fearing the inevitable is not a healthy way to live. 

I asked my other friend the same question and his response was similar to mine.  His response was, “no, I’m not, because I don’t usually think about it.”  This is a common approach to the situation because it leaves room for memory making, happiness, and living in the now- carpe diem.  By “taking one day at a time and enjoying life” there is opportunity for a life not filled with fear of something out of one’s control. 

Anyone can say, “What is the point of living if we are all going to die eventually?”  Admittedly, this argument is somewhat valid; however, which is said by the pessimists of the world.  Why not at look death in an optimistic point of view by saying one day we can see our beloved family members again.  Although there is a chance that may not be true, it is a more healthy perspective than saying we will all be ground bound-bug food-lifeless-deteriorating objects in an eternal darkness for the rest of our after life.

I believe that teens and adults look at these two questions very differently.  Teens focus on the afterlife; whereas, adults focus more on the way they will die.  Will it be cancer, disease, old age, or a freak accident?  Is there heaven and hell, eternal darkness, or just nothing? In a blink of an eye your life is gone, you are gone, and the only thing that remains are your belongings and your mark you left on others.  These are frightening scenarios; however, rather than contemplating the inevitable, go do something about it and make life worth living.  Go sky diving, travel the world, eat weird foods, dig your way through the other side of the earth- do whatever it is that you have ever dreamed or even thought of doing.    

If I had to define death I would say it is the inevitable outcome at the end of a person’s life.  It should not be looked at so negatively because truthfully it is just how the cycle of life goes.  We are born and then we die, it is what’s in the middle that is up to the individual.    

I have grown to believe that our life was written out at the start of our existence and that every choice we make was already planned out and shaped into our lives. I believe that each and every human’s childhood, adulthood, and death have all been planned out since the early stages of the mother’s pregnancy.  We are just living the plan that whoever the creator of us is, wrote.  There is nothing we can do to change or alter the plan that was made for us.  Likewise, there is nothing we can do to prevent or change the way of our death.

So let me ask you again, are you afraid to die, or how you are going to die?                       

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