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Chemistry With Your Coffee

February 15, 2015
By SaraCattt PLATINUM, Shelton, Washington
SaraCattt PLATINUM, Shelton, Washington
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Caffeine. Frappuccino. Mocha. Macchiato. Whatever your flavor, it’s definitely going to be different then that guy's sitting by the window or the girl's typing on her computer at her desk. Because I don’t drink coffee.

It is societies indifference, the one thing we can all agree is good once in a while or all the time. Coffee is alright. It’s good. Has it's benefits. It’s the thing you see and drink each morning. It’s cozy and hospitable and appeasing. Coffee would never betray you like Brad did when you were in high school. No, coffee loves you. And you love coffee.

I have a strong European background, and have convinced myself that I can get along just fine drinking my tea. This has given me a somewhat Superpower of Observation. I pick up on all sorts of different types of coffee my friends, peers, and teachers drink. There are some who like nothing but black coffee, straight from the maker. Others drink coffee thats .5% actual caffeine and 99.5% creamer. Some people like caramel-chocolate-double shot-whipped-frappuccino-macchiato or whatever, a huge order the length of pi (not literally of course.)
The thing I think is amazing, is how no one will judge you on how much or what type of coffee you drink. There may be a discussion over which is better, but never an argument. That’s because every cup is custom, differentiated to your preference and taste. Whether you drink it to finish that assignment that’s due in five hours- at 8am the next morning- or you drink it because your the second grade teacher and you can’t get through your day without the helpful hand of your caffeinated friend.

So continue drinking your traditional, daily coffee knowing that it’s yours. You love it, it loves you. I’ll continue to drink my tea, and we’ll all by up until 3am together.

The author's comments:

I tried a frappuccino, and in my sleepless drowsiness, wrote this down and sent it in the next day. 

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