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Our Emotional Infinity

November 23, 2014
By KKStanley-Paul BRONZE, Toronto, Other
KKStanley-Paul BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.

Some of us look up at the sky and see nothing. We’ll see sky. Just pure sky. But some of us also look up and see infinity. There is a huge difference between seeing infinity and seeing sky. If you see infinity, you might understand what I mean when I say everything is up there. But then again, you may not. By definition, infinity means forever. It means things go on and on and on. But I’d like you to tell me something that goes on forever on this earth. I’m not talking about the forever in the way of just the use of the word, I really mean forever. Perhaps once no one is around to remember the forever anymore, it’s preserved in infinity. It’s all above us. But nobody looks up and sees it, and maybe thats why sometimes we feel so alone.

As much as you may think the emotion thats physically taking over you is the first body your emotion has taken over, you’re wrong. You can’t possibly think, that out of 7 billion people on this earth, you’re the only one who’s felt this way. Let alone infinity. Yes, their are different variations on each emotional tale, but isn’t knowing that someone has felt at least similar to you make you feel just a bit better? Life’s going to knock you down repeatedly. Sure, life’s not fair. But if life never knocked you down, you would never get to feel the accomplishment of getting back up. The purpose of trying is to see how much you can accomplish, and the purpose of success is the feeling after failure. The feeling where you proved failure wrong. An all consuming feeling can feel eternal and, believe it or not, infinite. Your infinity of overwhelming emotion has been felt before. And it’s right above our heads, preserved in our infinity of past, present, and future human emotion. We really should look up and think about it more often.

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