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Apps: Helpful or Hurtful?

November 6, 2013
By VioletRoyal BRONZE, Lebanon, Indiana
VioletRoyal BRONZE, Lebanon, Indiana
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The biggest technological device presently that everyone seems to have is an iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., basically anything made by Apple. One of the coolest benefits to having a device made by Apple is the apps. There seem to be apps for anything you could possibly imagine. You can play music, games, get homework help, translate a sentence or phrase to a different language, get ringtones, and many other cool things. But, one question is, are these apps truly helpful, or are they secretly hurtful? Well, depends on what type of app you’re talking about. Let me start off with music apps. They can be helpful in many ways, such as a helpful way to concentrate on homework, a stress reliever, or even a way to let loose and have fun. But, there could be a total opposite result, which would be creating a distraction from schoolwork, being a bad influence, or making you angry or depressed. Results differ from person to person. A type of app that is truly helpful are the homework help apps. By using these, you stay on task and get help from someone that knows what he or she is talking about. A type of app that is not helpful at all (when you’re trying to do homework specifically) is games. Games are an easy distraction and can keep you distracted for long periods of time. An app that goes along with games for a bad distraction is social media websites. So, here is my suggestion. When trying to concentrate on homework, definitely use the helpful apps that will keep you working on your homework, like the music and homework help apps, but stay away from the game, social media, and other distracting apps until you are completely done with your homework for the day or just wait until you have free time on the weekend.

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Hi, all! Would love comments back, or even maybe critiques or something you feel differently about than what I stated. Would love for a debate to start about this or just comments in general. Enjoy! :)

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