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Technology Good or Bad?

March 22, 2013
By babycremepuff BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
babycremepuff BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Does technology have an effect on people’s relationships? Many people believe so. 29 percent of people said that their cell phones are the first and last thing they check every day. Also, five out of five people I asked said that something that keeps them up at night is their technology devices. I believe cell phones and other types of technology distance people because family members are more focused on their phones, people become addicted to social networks, and instead of talking on the phone or meeting up, people usually text.

To begin, family and friends are more concentrated on technology. This means not everyone is getting the attention they want. This creates a person to believe that you do not have a high level of care for them. They may also become upset or angry. This is a sign that you are becoming attached to your piece of technology. This leads you to losing a friend or family member because you are more worried about your social life. Clearly, your friends and family do not feel close to you anymore, so they leave you.

Next, people become addicted to social networks. A person may spend wasted time on social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, leading them to be “Facebook famous “, “Tumblr famous,” etc. These terms make them feel that they are important to others, and they stop spending time with close friends and family. I do not know about you, but I’m sure I would not want to be friends with someone who always has a phone to their face. Family and friends distance themselves because it seems as if the person is more dedicated to their social lives.

One last reason why technology distances relationships is because people text and call, but sometimes but rarely see each other face to face. This causes a wall to be built up between two people. Also, relationships are focused on through texting, so they get bored of each other. They end up growing an awkward distance because they are no longer interested in each other. This explains why technology distances people.

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