How to Take Care of Kids

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There are many ways to take care of kids . There are multiple ways to discipline kids that miss behave . Some of them would be: putting them in a time out, spanking them, taking away their favorite toy . There are more ways but I don’t know them. I try and I try but the kids are still misbehaving so I stopped trying. So I tried a new method of ignoring them or punching a pillow but that still didn’t work.
Here are some things that you shouldn’t do (please read below) Arent these things you SHOULD NOT DO? WHY ARE YOU SAYING TO DO THESE THINGS?
There are many ways to take care of kids but the best way to do it is to give them something to do and watch them fail and start laughing at them.
Then you would have to take them by the hand put their head first in the toilet and flush and that’s how they take a shower each morning.
Now I understand when they need to use the bathroom they would ask you to use it when you know that is what either underwear or dippers are for.
So then the next thing you would do is take him grocery shopping and buy 100lbs of chocolate and give it to him/her and watch them explode because they have eaten to much so when the police show up because they have heard an explosion just say “it was the transformer in your back yard and that’s why the power went out.
Maybe even you could grab one of the kids legs and swing him round and round and then let go and give yourself some points on how far you throw him, you could have contests with other people.

Rule one: never ever let the kid out of your site because if you do something bad is going to happen. Maybe something might break, kick someone in the face while they are yelling four. Always keep your son or daughter in the line of sight.
Rule two: make sure are holding the kids hand at all times, bring snacks so they don’t start complaining that they are hungry .
So when I take kids out I make sure they are safe and make sure they do everything that I tell them to do. I make sure they are right by me the whole time. I make sure no kidnappers try to take him /her away from me.

I hope what you read above is what you guys do to your children and they are great things too. If you don’t do this, it means that you are not treating your kid’s right and you need to change a few things in the house hold. If you don’t follow what is above you are considered a bad parent. You need to work on being a good parent. Now if your that person who does all the good stuff pick up the phone and call this number . If no one answers you didn’t type it in right or your giving your kids a shower which is number 2 above. CALL NOW I mean right now as you are reading this. I know your not reading this because im reapeating my self now and you better not read what I am repeating which shows you didn’t pay attention and now you have to read this entire paper over again. There will be a test at the end so make sure you read it.

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