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The Essentials of the word "Game"

November 30, 2011
By Natasha Jahani BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Natasha Jahani BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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From generation to generation, the usage of words seems to alter from proper English, to some nonsense, low pants swaggin’ slang words which indicates a culture. This culture is based on the current times and is referred to as slang, Slang is the use of words shortened down and strung together to make various phrases or sayings. It has changed throughout the ages and as a result many words have developed new meanings. While the meanings of some words have remained with their original meanings intact, other words have vanished all together. Some examples of this include “beezy” for a girl or “cool” for things that are amazing, but not something that is cold. Not knowing it, everyone speaks slang because it seems so natural. Current slang is mainly derived from words that are commonly used. For example, when someone says the word “game” the first thing that may come into mind is a sport or team. However, “Game” in the world of slang, however, means something much different. In turn, “game” has multiple definitions as well as voices or sayings to the meanings.

The word game contains a general set meaning which derives off competition and a sport. Essentially, game is referred to as a sport played by two teams when in the end, one of the teams win. This may include sports such as basketball, football, badminton, hockey, volleyball, tennis, swimming, etc. So in today’s world, what is “game”? Game is what guys and girls of all ages say to show their pride, but mostly guys. To guys, game is how much they can “get,” as in girls or special “favors”. Game can show pride as well as mojo, the groove and smooth moves used, to an individual. Originally, the word derived from a sense of the 21st generation of slang of when boys got together and called this a new sport. Going out, getting multiple girls phone numbers in one night essentially shows how one pursues their “sexual” needs. Although it gives off a sense of a “player” status, it shows how much skill one can derive to fulfilling their needs (in a teenage sense). To play the game, one must know the tricks of getting the girls. Sweet talk, being slick and cuteness all get girls wrapped up in a conversation with a guy who is going to end up using them for their own fun. This leads to guys getting a strong head on how many girls they can get. An ego of which this so called “game” will give men of all ages a “big head” on getting girls… that is, if they have “game”.

As the years progressed and this word evolved to this new meaning of “getting girls” the use has changed as well. So, one may ask, how does one even use this? Well the answer is simple. One way to use this word is periodically on how a guy has “game” and how he seems to “get around”. Ladies use it to classify guys in whether they have mojo, skills, or a sweet charm. I myself may say, “Hey Jamal! Looks like you are on your game tonight getting with the finest chicks tonight ey?” or as, “That boy got so much game that he cannot even stick to one girl,” So to me, in a sense, I classify them as a “player”. Ultimately it justifies one norm which the player simply is “playing the field”. But to different girls they may fall for their little tricks or just laugh it off and play them back. Another way it is used is how the males use it. For example, they may not all necessarily say “game”, but will say, “Jamal just is not on it tonight.” “It” was referring to game. It all simply depends on the diction and the way it is used between relations. Whether it is male to male, female to male, or female to female, in the end, it all leads up to one thing… someone playing tricks to simply get a girls number or get “something out of them”. Although guys may claim that they do not use it, honestly, they may just not say it to their face, but secretly they are telling others that their friend just is not on their game tonight. Game is their pride, so to see their “pride” slowly vanish; they do not take it easy. A man’s pride is their joy so when their smooth and slick charm does not work on the “chick,” the “dudes” fantasy for the night is simply demolished. Having them wrapped around their fingers until they do not fit around it anymore is just what guys like. To guys the word does not seem as bad as it may seem to the ladies. Which obviously differentiates girls and boys; one can refer it as a quality and another as a subject. Quality, in the sense of a character trait, or how one may be or how they are recognized. A subject as in like the game, if one has “the game” then there for that individual has the power or “gift” into getting the girl. Game is verified as many uses to both genders, even though the concept in slang world mean the same thing, it is still considered as a sport and how much “swag” one may achieve.

To have game one must have to strategize thoughts and tricks to get the desired. Sometimes the ideas may come automatically or some may take more planning. Some will have the most creative ideas to get girls which would be outrageous to even think someone could think like that. As an example, you can relate to Barney Stinson from the show “How I Met Your Mother” has over a hundred ways of tricking girls into “sleeping” with him. Some are impossible but somehow he seems to always get them. To have the power of game, one must be very slick with their words and know what the girl wants to hear, which takes intelligence… for a man The process could be natural or simply practiced. One may either have it or not. Game is defined by the sport of achieving for the best and the best in this case is receiving the most gorgeous men or women. With skill and persuasiveness, it brings some mad “game” to the playing field of the sport… catching of the other sex. Strange how this one word could be seen in a bright light towards males and in a dark light towards girls. Seems weary how it works, but truly it is just a fun game of “let’s get the hottest girl/guy”. The mindset of male, as to differ to the ladies, is the more the guy gets, the more of a rude, two timing guy he looks. In slang terms, to a girl, a guy would be called, “A Player”. Coincidence how slang goes hand in hand? Personally, I believe game is the sense of a teenage mindset of how they perceive the opportunity to play the field before actually growing up and being in a relationship. The positive of this world is ultimately teenage slang to see how much one can get before they settle down. Game, it is just a phase, mostly within men, but can be in gals as well. The phase of every teenager gets the opposite sex, have fun, and play the field. The perfect combo for a girl, sweetness, cuteness, and charm, but in reality it is just the game the player is playing. You can play the game but it always comes to an end. The beauty of the concept. It is short, fun for a while, and people get over it, it is having game that either hurts someone, change someone, or show ones true colors.

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