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entertainment generation

January 26, 2010
By tinkerbubbles PLATINUM, West Chester, Ohio
tinkerbubbles PLATINUM, West Chester, Ohio
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Why talk when you can sing? Why walk when you can dance?

We all have experienced a great amount of entertainment in our lives - especially us who have been drawn to expression in the form of entertainment. For most of us, a great performance, novel, or song can send chills all over our body, bring tears to our eyes, or warm our hearts. But some entertainment is simply not aimed for the audience's best interest. Any intelligent being can see that.

Our generation has grown to mock and scoff at the idea of "wholesome entertainment." I believe this is a great shame. However, I think there must be some of you out there who are simply disgusted by some songs played on the radio, music videos on MTV, and books that just go too far, as I am.

I'm not trying to put all modern entertainment to shame, by any means. The artist's heart thrives on soaking in the expression of others, and I think there is plenty of great stuff out there to soak in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to go watch Bob the Builder and listen to Hannah Montana. But really, how much would you suffer to just delete a few of those obscene rap songs off your iPod, to just avoid a movie you can tell is going to be more harmful than helpful? Not much, I imagine.

I can't think of a girl who deep down isn't offended by the words in the songs they hear on the radio. Guys, I just have to say, we don't find disrespect attractive. And that's exactly what it is - disrespect. Soon, our generation will take the place of the ones of our parents and grandparents. Yes, we will finally be in charge. But then what are we doing now? Once you're headed one way, it's not easy to just turn around in the middle of the street. All that traffic around you isn't just going to stop and wait for you to fix your life, they're going to keep going and they will want you to continue with them.

If all the teens in our nation (and world, really) continue to trash their minds with unintelligent crap, there's going to be a major traffic jam on the wrong side of the road. My friends, that's not a situation you can fix easily. Not to be pessimistic, but thats not really a situation you can fix at all. You just have to wait until it falls through, until everyone gets home and is safe in their beds, so they think, until the next day comes.

I challenge you to begin to examine what you let your eyes see and what you let your ears hear. And just think - you haven't really got much to loose, considering our generation is not exactly admired by the rest of the world right now. I think that if we cut back on the excessively screwed-up entertainment we could see a definite change in the future of our nation and world. To me, that's a whole lot of gain for a real cheap price.

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