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Different Cultures of Hair

December 15, 2009
By Sharelle Stubbs BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Sharelle Stubbs BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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We are surrounded by many different cultures in our world. May they be; African, Asian, or American, there are many different cultures. These people of their culture celebrate ways to keep their culture alive. In my culture; African American, we have many different ways of celebrating. One of my favorite ways of celebrating African American heritage would be “HAIRSHOWS”. I chose HAIRSHOWS, because I love the way that people from my culture, artistically style hair in many different objects, and forms of beauty.

HAIRSHOWS, give people a chance to show their creations, while impressing judges. At HAIRSHOWS, the hairstylists are given a chance to express themselves on a subject that the judges assign them. For example; “How Do You View Cleveland”, could be a topic that stylist all over Cleveland, have to base their hair styles off of. Some stylist may braid, weave, or glue a sculpture of Cleveland’s downtown. Yes, these creations are huge, but at HAIRSHOWS, that’s the whole point. They want you to amaze everyone with how high, or beautiful, or even how realistic you could get hair to look.

Creating the designs may seem like it isn’t so hard, but these designs take months to finish. Some stylist draft out their ideas, or make a mock-model design of their creation. This takes a while to accomplish. Although, stylist only have a limited time to finish before the actual HAIRSHOW. Once the HAIRSHOW, is in process, all stylist must have their models costumes, make-up, and performance on point and ready to go.

Judges often look for stylist to have a message in their styles. Although, the stylist isn’t performing, and their models are, the judges must know what the stylist is persuading them to think. If a stylist designs a creation of; doves, angels, and a halo, then the stylist is persuading you to think of the heavens. As long as the judges understand your ideas, and it’s neat, clear and clever, you earn points. If the judges see that your hair creation is uncomfortable to the model, and your ideas are messy, you loose points on poise. To have a perfect score is very complicated, especially at The NATIONWIDE HAIRSHOW.

THE NATIONWIDE HAIRSHOW involves participant of many ethnicities, not just African American. Many ethnicities show many cultures ideas to the hair styles, which diversities the HAIRSHOW. The HAIRSHOW is a great event that explains the diversity of all cultures.

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