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Fall Fashion

January 11, 2010
By 2stickelmaier GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
2stickelmaier GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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As students pack up short shorts and tank tops, it feels bittersweet. Yes, it’s bitter to leave the flip flops behind but it’s sweet to step into those perfect pair of fall boots.
This season is all about earth tones, bohemian jewelry, and high-waist skirts. But, as it gets colder outside, everyone’s looking for ways to economize. A stylish but cheap option is do one thing: layer! Take a long sleeve white tee and layer on one of your hottest spring dresses. Instead of typical sandals, take high knee socks and pop on a pair of cut off boots to complete the look.
According to the style notebook on CosmoGirl.com, a killer autumn outfit starts with a floor length maxi dress, and is topped with a sweater and thin bright belt to really make a statement.
As for the guys, instead of sporting the typical Abercrombie polo this fall, go for dark wash jeans with neutral tone button downs. Sometimes the most basic look can make the biggest impression.
The best way to use each dollar to the fullest is to shop outside the box. Instead of buying expensive Hollister outfits, try Marshalls or Good Will. Yes, you will have to try a little harder to find the perfect piece of clothing, but the extra cash in your pocket will thank you later. If these stores don’t fit your style, try old boutiques or thrift stores. These shops are bound to hold an artistic piece of clothing that’ll make you stand out amidst the sea of polo’s and old jeans.
A new age thrift store in Milwaukee, Yellow Jacket, is a perfect place to pick and choose. Value Village is another money saving spot that has anything from trendy outfits to decorations for your room.
Before loading your closets with fresh outfits, take ten minutes to clean out the clothing items you haven’t worn in the past year. If you haven’t worn them in the past twelve months chances are you don’t need them.
Instead of just throwing out your old clothes, take some time to deliver them to places like Lake Country Caring or Goodwill. Not only are you organizing your own life, but you’re making someone else’s better.

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