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video games bad ???!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

March 20, 2014
By Anonymous

Would you believe me if ii told you that video games are bad are bad for you? Well they are. There bad for your eyes, brain, waist line, and your wallet. Yes I mean that precious little thing you carry around your wallet gets emptied because video games are expensive and so are the systems and any repairs that might be made. But that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about ads hidden carefully like in “tony hawks pro skater 3 “when you interact with the quicksilver store.

Real skaters say that the game sold them on the game its self. One of them even says that you see stuff in the game that you like and it makes you want to have the gear in reality. Advertisers do this often even though it’s more expensive it’s also more efficient and effective than television. Why you may ask well it’s because over the past decade the percentage of teens watching large amounts of TV has gone down so drastically it’s not even funny anymore. Besides all they can hope for with TV is to have you undivided attention but with video games its different they get what is known as quality points which is where you use product in the game that was really good at its job and now you want to buy it because you’ve used it and you think it’s a good product but that’s just part of how they suck you in just think about it next time you play video games and look at all the ads that are there and what types of products your using and realize that you’ve been played as just another part of their big plan to get money.

Now are you ready for the solution just remember what I just told you is merely a warning about what’s really happening to us because of video games were fatter than ever stupider than ever more violent than ever and more fragile and you know what else a lot closer to blind than ever before.
My solution is we put a legal limit on video games and television. What you’re crazy you might say but I believe that it is the only to fix the problem. Now how is a completely different matter altogether the way I would do it is by adding finger print scanners to television remotes and hand held devices which includes games on your phone but not calling or texting on your phone or listen to music just to games and movies you would be able to save up your hours of time for like a big marathon or a gaming completion but when you ran out of hours for the month you would be screwed if you had any plans on gaming for the rest of the month and in addition it would shut off the device or in the case of phones disable your games temporarily and you would have nothing to do but talk to people or get some exercise which would fix the waist line problem the eye problem be fixed by not looking at a screen 24 -7. Same deal for our brains and our wallets would suffer less so you could save up for that car or something.

So in conclusion a suggestion to the American people and teens especially sure we need some r&r sometimes but that’s why it would be few hours at all which would give time for work and friends. Get some exercise maybe the possibieties are endless maybe a genius will realize his or her potential and save the planet or something you never know what you can do until you try so get out there and be active realize your potential.

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