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The Greatest

March 22, 2013
By Anonymous

Words and lyrics can change your life. Songs are very powerful source. And words with music speak louder than actions. That’s why with me ASAP Rocky is a person in the public that gets my attention. He speaks the through, the beats of his music are meant to make you think, and his words are have power and rhythm. ASAP Rocky is the one who stands out to me.

ASAP Rocky speaks the truth. I could see what he means because it happens to everyone. Life is easy for many people but for many it’s worse. He also talks about his life in the ghetto. Many people all over the world the world can relate to this. ASAP has live through real life and peoples problems.

His beats are meant for you to think. Music itself is meant to make you think. And lyrics make you hear the message.
The beats are very low. Bring the volume of the lyrics up. And it calms you down. This combo is necessary to brings wisdom to you.

Words used by this entertainer display power and rhythm. He speaks Spanish. Other people could understand him. It shows that his message is for everyone. He uses long words to make us look for answers. Bring out your genius.

To get my attention it takes a lot, but that man did it. ASAP is the one person of the public that got my attention, he spoke truth, with low beat and bring a message with rhythm. He is the greatest rapper alive.

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