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The Essential Music

May 8, 2011
By Jean16Bean PLATINUM, Batavia, New York
Jean16Bean PLATINUM, Batavia, New York
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So, let's get into the subject of music. What music is good, what music is bad? Is there a wrong answer? No, what music is worth listening to is all based in different peoples' opinions. Some people love to listen to loud rap music, while others would rather throw a country music CD into their CD player. Some like slow, sad melodies, some like groovy, upbeat ones.
So, I said different people have different thoughts on music, but what about music theory? Some popular songs are technically "wrong". The musician may be playing a chord that is supposed to be be nonexistent. So, many serious musicians may frown upon musicians that defy the rules of music, although most listeners can't tell whether what their listening to is "correct" or "incorrect".
Now, what about these musicians I speak of? There are so many types of musicians, just as there is quite a lot of variety in music. Some musicians play to please listeners, some play to make money and the Top 40 music list, and some just like to play because it's something they're passionate about. Some listeners like the most popular songs, some might like to watch a singer pour their heart out in their lyrics.
So, I would like to hear about what type of music YOU like. What musicians make you impatient for a new album, what radio stations do you always tune to and what music genre are they?
music is so fun, so entertaining, so moving and, despite what others may think of this opinion, so essential!

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