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save the youth

November 25, 2009
By szulc12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
szulc12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The rate at which Americans are watching television is ridiculous. Many Americans spend their fruitless lives watching television six hours a day. The once sanguine expectations of a young American child are destroyed by television. Television rots away their youth and over time makes them dumb. Children and adults need to hit that power off button their remotes and beginning doing more productive and useful activities. Many Americans zealously watch their favorite television programs weekly, like it is a life or death matter whether or not they see the show. Television is contributing to the obesity problem in America. Many people are wasting hours every day watching television and eating an entire bag chips, when that time could be better spent exercising. Obese people now have a poignant regret towards spending so much of their lives watching television. Children watching television are inundated with violence. In order to corroborate the theory, here is a fact; the average 18 year old has seen 200,000 violent acts on television. This number is not garbled. These acts of violence that our youth are seeing on television may precipitate real life mayhem. In fact, 79% of Americans believe TV violence helps precipitate real life mayhem. The youth of America are spending more time watching than ever before. They seem to have a phlegmatic attitude towards doing anything else. Children are only interested in their television programs, and they are less interested in sports, exercising, and schoolwork. Statistics from a comprehensive study say that American youth spend 600 more hours per year watching television than the time they spend in school. The amount of television watched by the American youth must be reduced for the sake of their future and the future of this country. Parents must coerce their children to watch less television and participate in physical activities as well as academics. This is a major problem in America and something must be done quick in order to save our youth.

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