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February 28, 2023
By JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
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So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” - Christopher Reeve

“They don’t make em’ like they used to.” 

Others complain underneath the comment section for a movie like the 2022 hit “Top Gun Maverick” soaring upside down or way over our little-brain’d-heads into delivering on relieving audiences to that 1984/85’s summer blockbuster feel-good-cinema, like the “Karate Kid", and “Back To The Future.” 

I really feel that movies from the 80’s and 70’s came first and are the best, better than perhaps some of cinema and music today. Although some good content in cinemas and songs exist, just not as probably as originally anticipated and received as those in the 80’s and 70’s. 

Few movies today are notable and great, these movies do try and use original tactics and great storytelling like Edger Wright’s “Last Night In Soho'' written as a horror-time-traveling-romance featuring the faces of upcoming charming actresses, Anya Taylor Joy and Thomasin Mackenize, and through a sense of wonder and camera angles and writing that delivers. This thriller feels like it is worth the watch and sticks with the viewer after viewing. Which some other pieces of cinemas fail to do. Failing to do something like this, would only result in a forgettable or unoriginal non-refundable price.

Original writing and groundbreaking story was also foreshown for 2018's “Spiderman Into the Spider Verse '' giving us a depth look into the world of Spiderman. Into the world of Spiderman we get a new origin and a new face to become the wall crawling menace. A Brooklyn teenager, Miles Morales. In just a few short minutes, we get his character, his sense of himself and only himself-selfish. By the end of the film, we later realized how he’s grown into “taking the leap of faith” to becoming the iconic web crawling hero. The film also majorly succeeded in reaching out into the other cultures surrounding the newbie getting bitten by a spider.  

Although films like ‘Last Night In Soho’, ‘Spiderman Into The Spider Verse’ came as successfully and got me to pay to see it….

“Did it leave an impression?” 


 The 80’s and 70’s cinema came through, showering audiences and fans alike to original action sequences, known to be heard by one of a kind soundtracks and musical cues. I believe those movies are better than today's cinemas. Those movies are recognized today and are made memed-of, but keeping the love there, the faith is kept on the movies before this year. That’s because of originality and an actual care going into making those movies and the songs. 

Why did these movies get the title of a name “Iconic?” 


It's gotta do with the music too. The composers and musicians/singers, pondering onwards how to write a song, like the lovely song “Power of Love.” From “Hughy Lewis and the News.” Which today is featured amongst the greatest songs of all time, and earning itself underneath iconic movie soundtracks. Included amongst the soundtrack for the trilogy “Back To The Future.’ 


For me and a few others growing older and reminiscing about the “days of old.” Some might wish times were like they used to. With music coming out and cinemas packed within new films like “Ghostbusters.” Followed by its sequel, “Ghostbusters II” with the fun song, “On Our own.” Earning himself some popularity after 1989, Bobby Brown now reached a hierarchy of musical fame. 

Musical fame which began within the predominantly predecessor “Maverick” in “Top Gun.” Made with the iconic song, “Mighty Wings.” 

The 2022 sequel also features some great music, “I Ain’t Worried” and “Hold My Hand.” From Lady Gaga and One republic. Blowing up on tick tock, Onerepublic’s new hit earned itself legendary status as in the new 2022 hit, “Top Gun Maverick.” 


“How did ‘Top Gun Maverick’ come about?” 


‘Top Gun’s Groundbreaking special effects of jets flying at super speed and men shirtless dancing to Kenny Loggins 'Playin With The Boys’ with hot romance between Tom Cruise ‘Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’ and Kelly McGill’s ‘Charlotte.’ 

Most answers towards this question lies within movies and stuff from the 80’s made better than the stuff today, like “Avengers Endgame (2019).” or “Nice Guys, (2017).” 

As my father calls movies today, “good-enough-cinema.” My father means that the stuff today is “Ok-good.” Whereas movies before us and before my father are on the list of “AfI-top 100 movies.” 

Number one on that list is ‘Citizen Kane.’ Next is ‘Godfather.’ Then so forth my favorite Marlon Brando movie, ‘On The Waterfront.’ 



“How did ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘On The WaterFront’ make AfI’s?” 


Orson Welles {‘Kane’} came out with the origin of a window-reflection shot, of dancers dancing and thus, creating the reflection shot we get today; off of car windows and buildings.

Whereas Eliza Kazen’s On The Waterfront organized and gave us the origin of the smartest and most brilliant idea ever, the villains thinking they're still on top and haven’t lost while the hero made their stay and defeated them. With the hero almost giving up and losing hope themselves. But continuing to fight!

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