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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

What Causes People to Be Best Friends
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Nowadays, more people don’t have best friends. On one hand, many people think that making friends is a waste of time; on the other hand, they think the people who want to make friends have the interest purposes. But I think trust and... (more »)
The Unjustified Love
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I wish I wasn't in this situation. This situation of this love that I have found. She lives so far, but my heart yearns so close. The dreams I have of one simple request, one simple wish. For her to be closer, and to fulfill my lonely... (more »)
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Tied Too Tight
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I see you everywhere, the streets, my mind, my eyes, my face. It’s hard to let something go that I never had, but I realized that if I was never yours then why am I trying so hard to keep you, the deep you, the one who I fought through fire to... (more »)
The Grey Area
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Out of all the "friends" you currently have and pride yourself about, only a few will keep in touch with you after high school. It's a truth not many of us are willing to admit, but a truth nonetheless. Only your closest companions, those you... (more »)
On Love and Healing
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Dear you, I love you way too much. Though it doesn’t happen quite a lot, you sigh in despair about love. I’m not expert in love but let me tell you one thing. (Quite a lot of things actually)   1. We cannot choose... (more »)
Safe Relationships
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I used to be in a relationship. Good person too. She is one of my best friends to this day. When we broke up, she met a guy. Just some random guy and she decided to accept his request to date her. What happened was that she ended up being used... (more »)
Our Love and the Galaxies
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Scientists say that in a few billion years our beloved Milky Way will dance one final dance with the Andromeda galaxy and collide in one last beautiful spectacle, before completely wiping away everything we’ve ever known as humans.... (more »)
Dear Friend
By , South Riding, VA
Dear Friend, When you say I’m beautiful it only makes me see that zit I can't get to go away. When you say I'm smart I hear the longing in your voice and can't help but feel as though you should have gotten that A+... (more »)
Love Hurts?
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I always hear people saying "love hurts". Should love really hurt? You probably read this and say to yourself "what kind of question is this." Well, just think if you were really loved you would of never got hurt. So..... NO... (more »)
On Love and Acceptance
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
Our emotional desires can be boiled down to love and acceptance. Unsurprisingly, the importance of which cannot be overstated in literature, art, and all forms of entertainment. On a personal level, we understand the importance of love and... (more »)
Should Religion Important in Marriage?
By , mason, OH
You find yourself waiting by the altar with a catholic priest. An alien from a discrepant religion. You’re ears are being pierced by the christian music. Beautiful, but distinctly different than yours. Even the cathedral isn’t a... (more »)
Does True Love Really Exist?
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As teenagers, it is natural for us to start thinking about love, whether it be on the physical level, or an emotional level. When we were little, we were all convinced that all love stories were going to be our love stories. Epic, romantic,... (more »)
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Many times we wonder what this life has in store for us, and where we are going. We wonder who we will meet, who we will become friends with, and what adventures we will seek out with them. There is one thing that determines all of us though,... (more »)
The Butterflies and the Bees
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I have never been in love but I can only imagine what it feels like to be in love with a person. I imagine it is amazing to truly be in love with someone. You never want to leave them and you always want to hug them and never let go. I can only... (more »)
Your Kiss
By , Hartford, CT
I adore your kiss. Your kiss means more to me than you would ever imagine. All the tears you’ve cried, all the tears I’ve cried. All the good times we’ve shared together, all the bad times we’ve gotten through. I feel... (more »)
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