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December 11, 2017
By chengyue_zhang BRONZE, Beijing, Other
chengyue_zhang BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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Have you ever seen young children smoking and throwing the cigarette onto the ground? There is a PSA commercial called “Children See Children Do” made by Australians. This PSA commercial shows young children mimic everything from the adults around them, no matter good or bad, right or wrong. Is the commercial a perfect PSA commercial that reflects the truth? Definitely, adults can influence children in many different aspects.
Adults can influence children’s behaviors. Children are good at observation, and they imitate almost every single act that they see from other people. For example, some people like to shake their legs when they sit. Some of them shake when they feel nervous, and some others shake every time they sat. But it’s a bad habit. It’s not respectful to shake leg when meeting with somebody, especially someone you are not familiar with. So if a father always shakes legs at home, his child will learn this bad habit from him. And this bad habit could transfer from generation to generation. And this is the most apparent influence.

Adults can also affect the thinking styles of children. That is a worse impact of adults’ bad behaviors on children. For example, an overweight mother continues to eat a lot of deserts or some  high calories food even when she has decided to take diet. The mother hasn’t persisted and she chooses the easy but  wrong way to go. Maybe this will affect the thinking styles of her children. Her children will probably quit when things get tough, because they haven't seen the strength of persistence and its outcome. However, this still isn’t the deepest influence.
Most of all, adults can influence children’s outlook of life. That means that adults can affect how children deal with the relationship with others and how they look at the world. A couple loves each other, their parents, their children and helps their neighbors and contributes to their community. Their children will love their parents and help other people too. They will have a positive outlook of life; and surely they will contribute to the community, to the country, and even to the world.

Adults can affect a lot of aspects of children. They influence children’s behaviors, children’s thinking style, and even children’s out look of life. The changes made by adults can be some little habits or children’s attitudes toward the world. Be careful with your action. Children are watching!

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