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In Love with the Idea of Love

January 13, 2017
By Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
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"If you don't throw yourself into something you'll never know what you could have had" Amy Winehouse

I am in love with the idea of love. It does not matter who you are we are all in love with the idea of love. Younger people want to be in love and older people are happy to be in love. No one has ever questioned why do we want to fall in love? We all want to fall in love for a simple reason. If we do not have someone who loves us and the other way around then we can not be happy. We do not have anyone to run home and tell then about something really funny that happen that day, or someone who we can just cry and complain to about something. Being in love can be seen as a weakness but being in love makes you stronger and give you motivation. We are all in love with the idea of love it weather you try to get it that makes your love real.

The author's comments:

I am boy crazy right now as my aunt likes to say, but I can tell you one thing I true really am in love with the idea of love. I wrote this because I just cheered at my homecoming game and I relized that I am in love with someone. I hope that people try to find there love and that people see that love is something that will not make you weak but string.

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