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The Question

December 26, 2016
By GraceM. BRONZE, West Bountiful, Utah
GraceM. BRONZE, West Bountiful, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

How do we know its real? How do we convince ourselves that this is right and maybe, just maybe, we can be happy? How do we teach ourselves to not ache for more? Someone who doesn’t forget to buy you those flowers or write you that letter? Even if we are satisfied, how do we not crave more?


We sit and examine these movies and convince ourselves its just an ideal fantasy. We sit and crave for a single ounce of the passion that is portrayed in front of us and shame ourselves when we think of a different idea of love. As society has shown us that love is a long text message and Instagram post we start to believe its true. Myself included has fallen to society’s idea of love and the challenges it faces. As love has become a version of games and side pieces, we continue to endure the behavior because we believe someone saying I love you through a text is significant.


We believe toys and fancy things are a sign of love. Are they? Does it make up for the fact you’re considered a w**** to society because you sent a picture of your body and he shared it with his friends? Does “I’m sorry” make up for the fact he never called and felt up someone else make it all better? Why do we let these ideas of love consume ourselves into a pit of sadness? Why do we let men and women play us around as we cry ourselves to sleep?  If he doesn’t call, he doesn’t care. If you consider love a good morning text and embarrassing yourself while he sends that to seven other girls, you’re going to continue to be treated like property. And why do we let ourselves get degraded like this? Why do we let men and women accept booty calls as a proper date?


And then there the love and lust section of society. Where we fall into our generations idea of love; a text back hours later and a little broken heart. Where we see an attractive young adult and fall silently in love with them. Yet, is this love? Or is this the idea in our heads that we have built within ourselves? Does your heart ache to get into the pants of your significant other or to be close to them?


And so here’s the question; do you love them or the idea of them?

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