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The Beauty of Loneliness

January 21, 2016
By TheGhostWriter SILVER, Denton, North Carolina
TheGhostWriter SILVER, Denton, North Carolina
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~The Doctor

How could loneliness be beautiful? I asked myself that same question after typing the title.

 What makes crying yourself to sleep beautiful? What makes screaming blood curdling cries beautiful? What makes feeling nothing but empty 24/7 beautiful? How dare I say hating yourself is beautiful?

 I dare say it because without lonliness I never would have learned to appreciate friendship. I dare say it because without being alone for seven years of my life I would have never learned to see the beauty in everything.

 My life has been shaped and dramatically changed due to loneliness. I'm independant and strong. I can defend myself without being afraid. I can see the beautiful world around me because I've spent hours sitting in my backyard alone watchng the sky. I appreciate every feeling and every moment that comes my way. I am confident in my appearance and personality because frm being alone I have learned tat my opinion is the only one that matters. Lonelines has given me the ability to read people and predict thier actions before they make them. By being alone I am in touch with my feelings and can no longer hide them from myself.

 Those seven years were the hardest thing I've ever had to endure. I would never want to relive them but I would also never wish that they didn't happen. They happened and because they did I am more amazing and powerful than I ever would have been having people as my influence. I taught myself how to love harder, push myself further and to stand tall even though everything in my life was pushing me down.

 If you are alone like I was do not let it make your life a living Hell bt instead use it to become better. Use your time alone to realize the beauty that is all around you and see that same beauty in yourself. You are amazing and fantastic and strong. YOU CAN DO THIS!

 I did and look at me now, imagine what it can do to you. It will be hard and depressing and most of all, it will be lonely but the outcome is so worth it. I have faith in you, live through this and you can live through anything.

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