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Romantic vs. Reality

October 22, 2015
By Cinny BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Cinny BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Ever had those moments when you’re with your boyfriend or someone you have a crush on and the moment seems so romantic that it’s almost unrealistic.

The morning dew making your expensive and well-put together outfit damp and green from the grass stains, the wind blowing your hair so that it keeps blocking your view, and watching a sunset even though it’s nighttime. Yes, it is certainly moments like those when you just sigh in contentment at the perfect moment.
But then, even as the two of you are sitting and talking about your mom drying her underwear on your living room heaters and not the perfectly working drying machine, your boyfriend/crush says something sweet and absolutely charming that makes you swoon for him even more than you did before. You say something back to him and right at this moment, you believe that this is the time for the both of you to lean in for a kiss. And suddenly……

The mood is gone when he goes to say something back.

“Those new shoes you got make your feet stink. Hey, now your feet smells like mine! We have so much in common now!” …….Let’s have a moment of silence for the total mood killer.

Cue the Mr. Krab’s world's most smallest violin song.

And to think a guy I liked actually told me this….tsk, tsk, tsk.

But we’ve all been through moments like these at least once in our lifetime. Whether it was someone you liked or didn’t like, these people will kill the mood simply because what they said out loud sounded way better in their mind.

I think people just get situations like these confused with reality. They may have been watching too many romantic movies or reading too many romance novels. You know, those bad boys in movies who get all the chicks and don’t have to do anything to get them to follow him. Boys may be following this. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not just boys. It’s girls too.

Even though it's very stereotypical, girls do tend to have a strong liking for romantic things, but not all girls like some over-stated and unreasonable comment that’s more embarrassing than romantic. Girls may be following the popular and stuck up chick, like Regina George and figure that their looks and power over people will get them a man. Well in many cases, both sexes are wrong.

People like this figure that if they say things that hurt people’s feelings, then maybe you’ll respond the same way the character had in the movie or book; by complying to their very word.

But only if you act like yourself and just “go with the flow” you’ll gain the love of whoever you want. Don’t use unromantic statements and consider the other’s person's feelings before you try to say something romantic. Because hurting the person’s feelings will not make them fall for you


If anything, the best they were going to get was a nervous laugh or a slap to the face; no explanation needed.

So just to let everyone be “in the know,” never, EVER say something outloud before you think it. At least, when you’re having a romantic moment.  Always think before you speak and try to do things that both you and the person special to you like. If this is done, you’ll be in the light of success.

The author's comments:

You'd think romantic comments can be as moving in real life as when they were in movies, but it's the exact opposite. 

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