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Feelings for a thought

June 2, 2014
By Larkbird GOLD, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Larkbird GOLD, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
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There is no point in working towards something that you do not want.

Sometimes there are those moments when I feel like I am flying rather than falling.
They are moments when I get that silly little feeling in the back of my throat that brings tears, but it’s not the one that hurts. It’s the one that tickles. The tears aren't ones of pain but of total happiness. Sometimes I feel like I am flying. For instance, if you were to push me out of a plane I would just float among the clouds like a bird, or maybe lighter, like the wind that carries the bird. I would just be flowing endlessly into a sort of unescapable bliss that would allow me to travel from all my thoughts except for that moment. It is that happy feeling that I get in my stomach. It’s like the butterflies you get when you see your lover for the first time after a long time; a shock of happiness. It’s a little chill that runs up your spine, with the butterflies that swarm in your stomach, and with an explosion of light that fills you and leads you up the sky to float. It becomes hard to walk because you can't feel your legs anymore, and you can't help but smile. You can try to hide it but that little dorky grin you have will manage to come out. Then you look into their eyes and you see the reflection of your emotion inside them. And you know that you're both experiencing that same moment; the same bliss, the same awkward gelatin-like leg problem; the same happy. It’s moment where things can just be simple for once. When you know that they feel how you feel and that is all that matters. And the reason nothing can get in your way is because you are both passing through the clouds. And if clouds are your only obstacle then the only thing you will ever have to worry about is the occasional turbulence. There will always be enough time to enjoy those moments, and it’s a shame that we tend to cut them short because if we could have moments like that last then…maybe we could all remember them better.

The author's comments:
Feeling inspired. This is a piece of my journal that I would hope someone could enjoy. Have a wonderful summer everyone. :)

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