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I’m going to answer the number one question every girl gets and that question is why guys are SO DANG STUPID AND EXTREMLY CONFUSING when it comes to relationships? The reason for our confusion is you women, only because you take what we say and stretch it so far that it confuses you . Guys are not confusing we are extremely without a doubt simple minded because we think one certain way about everything. The reason we act stupid all fall on the friends we have around us. And I will explain all this for you woman to understand guys a little bit more.

Girls take what we say, no matter what we say, and think we mean something completely different than what we are really saying. That’s why we’re confusing for you girls because you over think the stuff we say because you think men and women think the same . In all fairness guys don’t really try hard enough when we say or do something. Guys are nothing like women we will always think a certain way. Men think “what am I going to do today; I know I’m going to go with the flow see what comes up”. Girls think “I got to take a shower, figure out what to wear, straighten my hair, pluck my eye brows , paint my nails and toe nails, call the girl to talk gossip, go to the store buy this buy that see the specials, and call the girl to see if we’re going out tonight ”. This shows that men think one way and girls think

Men will say that they want to go out have some fun with the fellas and what the women will hear is “I am sick of being around you”. You women will say you going out with the girls and we hear “I am out” and we think GAME TIME WITH THE BOYS WWWWWWWOOOOOOO!!!! Women will tell men that what they are wearing does not look good and we will change to something that does look good. Men can’t say anything about what women wear or we will be sleeping in the dog house for the next week. When a man says something that’s what it will mean. When a woman says something it has 1,453 different meanings to it .

For the sake of this argument the reason men act stupid or REASONS men act stupid are is because it is an easy ice breaker or we’re just bored. May be the reasons are:

• We like to let loose by jumping off of stuff
• We are immature like a monkey typing this essay
• We feel awkward around women
• We are trying to impress you

If you ever get the chance to ask the guy--before he does something stupid--ask him why he is doing it and 9 out of 12 guys will say “why not”. Everything we do we do it because you girls wont some guys say if we find a girl that does stupid stuff we will marry her in a heartbeat. Men do no when not to do something stupid but we know if we don’t do it then we want have anything to tell our kid and grand kids about.
Now you women know why we do the thing we do and the things we say. So stop calling us stupid because we do something stupid, because you’re stupid for fall for our stupidity. But don’t get me wrong, there are some guys that are stupid simply because they’re stupid. So it’s not completely your fault women. So know that you women know why give us a break and let us do something stupid once in a while just so we keep our “manliness” or in other word our---YOLO TIME

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