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"The Good Father"

July 11, 2012
By wcrouch17 BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
wcrouch17 BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
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Life is like a story, and every story has to have an author; so who is the author of life? We are. We all are.

A good father loves his children. He is proactive in their care and well-being. A good father always places the responsibility for his children on himself and takes measures to ensure that his children are not misbehaving. A good father takes care to not spoil his children, but he is equally careful to avoid their neglect. A good father listens to his children, and responds to their needs, and occasionally their wants. A good father is self-sacrificing: he puts his children's well-being before his own. He loves them. He nurtures them. He raises them into strong, fair-minded individuals. More importantly though, a good father takes the time to get to know his children. A good father loves his children for who they are, not for who he wants them to be. He gives them hugs and kisses everyday. He is patient. He is kind. He is dependable. He is everything I hope to be, and he is everything I wish I had.

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