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Normal Teenage Girls.

June 10, 2012
By Kengiie BRONZE, Cromwell, Indiana
Kengiie BRONZE, Cromwell, Indiana
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Today or tomorrow we'll always have our troubles, but I know we'll be fine, as long as your mine.

A normal teenage girl isn't supposed to worry about heart break,
but about what they want to do for the day, or their school work.
Lives are taken away so fast these days. Guys say they love you then tear you to your very core.

Then, they think they can re-enter like nothing ever happened.
That's why so many teen girls are so depressed. Careless guys think that it is funny to see girls so upset, desperate for happiness.

Some date a girl for a year, then play with their heart for two years after that.

Doesn't anyone see it, other than I?

The author's comments:
Teens get heartbroken, but parents say they are overreacting.

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