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growing accustomed to company.

June 7, 2010
By Vanna-Rae GOLD, Bixby, Oklahoma
Vanna-Rae GOLD, Bixby, Oklahoma
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love. a four letter word. im thirteen.
I sit at night wondering: can people my age, fall in love? I wonder that beacuse everyone that dates say's i love him/her. Then when they brake up they cry and they cant "move on". Is it really love or is it simply the fact that the person has grown acustom to the company of the other person? Have they just gotten used to the idea that when they wake up in the morning they expect a text from the other person? Are the just used to the fact of knowing that that are with this person? Will they actually miss that person or will they miss the company that the other person provided? i wonder that.

Is that person really in love or do they just like the feeling of "being loved"?

how can one tell? how can they tell whats love and what is affection for feeling "loved"?
i asked my mother and she said "when you fall in'll know".
That isnt a straight anwser. i asked my brother and he said "its when you cant live without another person." well...i dont think i could live without my cat...but in the years after he dies...i think i wont feel that way anymore. so us that person really in love or inlove with the company?

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in the shower it occured to me.

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