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Ranting on about love

February 12, 2010
By Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
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It’s an obsession, infatuation, a poison. The love life in our teen years is fragile. Yes, fragile. Most relationships don’t last for over three months and that’s pushing it. It’s all about the moment and getting what they want from the other. No one is ever truly faithful, and breakups are horrible. It’s sad to think about it really, but to most it’s all one prodigious game. It’s use you and abuse you. You may think that you “love” them, but boy are you wrong. Wake up to the music! Really, what do they want? Yes, the answer is different for everyone, but the main answer is indeed sex. Relationships go by social rank, how much ass you give, and sometimes friendship. I believe when you say love, I believe you’re in love with one of two things or both; my body and the idea of having me as your own. It’s a jungle out there on those linoleum tiled halls. Yes, there is the slight chance that you’ll fall in “love” with your forever sweetheart, but honestly that chance is very slim. And even those who do marry someone they knew in high school, half of them divorce before the three year mark. Young love is in reality fake and cruel. You end up left with memories and a heart that aches...until the next obsession.

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