December 14, 2009
honestly i think that the most important relationship you can have isn't even with a boyfriend.those are great, well amazng.but the most important relationships you have are the ones that you have with best friends.because you can find a best friend in anyone.for little kids its their blanky or for me when i was little a stuffed animal.i personally have had a hard time accepting people into my if i don't want to trust them.i don't want to give them that weakness.because one of the greatest weaknesses is trust.but the most important thing that you can't live without is with someone you trust.a parent.a sibling.a best friend.but i just get caught up in life sometimes.feeling so overwhelmed with everything.feeling like im slipping off of something and there is nothing and no one there to catch me when i fall.
having someone to trust sometimes is like an invisible safety don't know its there until you trust in it and it appears to save you from your worst hopes and your greatest fears.
but choose carefully because trusting in the wrong person can get you caught in a sinking ship wiht no life boat or life jacket. or even the national coastgaurd there.your just hollow empty and alone.but trust in someone.

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