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Feeling Guilty

March 28, 2019
By sophiaq BRONZE, Hemet, California
sophiaq BRONZE, Hemet, California
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I am a teenager, as are 800 million others on the planet. I’m so sure every single teen has experience about the same or even similar emotions. The majority of us all fall asleep to “night” dreams, about wanting a special relationship with the guy they've had eyes on for weeks and months and years. I think I’m different, But am I really? I believe that don’t need a boyfriend or relationship because I get that I'm only in high school and it not a guarantee to find a guy I can safely fall in love with. I feel guilty whenever I fall asleep whining about wanting a boyfriend, I am pathetic. that's all I think deep down because I was raised to never chase after someone who does chase ur “bait”, and I say bait in the best way possible, Bait is showing your best self to some you like. Anyways I was taught better, that I don't need anymore more than myself. This feeling of guilty probably runs through the vein of every other teenager. Emotionally I'm not special, everyone has there soft spot, like cute puppies make me cry and how seeing an old married couple make me ponder about how and when they meet. I drop into an endless spiral of the stupid want of a boyfriend, it’s frustrating. Every teen feel and wants the same stupid things, and no one is man enough to just say “hey we feel and do thinks all the same in some places” We should be about to feel whatever and not feel guilty about any, especially like the innocent daydream of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Everyone has felt it.

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