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January 25, 2018
By Madison_Hall SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Madison_Hall SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Did you know that factory farmed animals are forced to grow up three times faster than they were intended to naturally? This is just one example of the mistreatment in factory farms, and another reason to look into animal rights and the lifestyle of veganism. I struggle where I stand in my diet; though I’m a strong vegetarian of just under three years and a supporter in animal rights, I still find myself eating eggs and drinking milk. I feel that the best choice I could make in my life, to make me happier and healthier, is to transition into veganism.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are many meat farms that provide inhumane conditions to their livestock. Studies show that over 80% of antibiotics used in the United States were given to the animals of our farms, some necessary as they live in conditions that would make them sick, but most for artificially speeding up growth. As I said previously, factory farmed animals grow three times faster than they should, as nature intended. There are no federal laws to protect the rights of animals raised on farms. While state laws also fall short, many states are adding confinement bans. Though, these also are not very effective, whereas 99% of farm animals in the United States are raised on factory farms. Some examples of factory farm treatment include: neglecting, overcrowding, unnecessary antibiotic distribution, inability express natural behaviors, etc. It makes me sick knowing how many people choose to ignore this information and remain ignorant to such a trouble.

Yet, getting to take a stand in something I feel strongly for isn’t the only benefit of veganism, it can actually be a healthier way of living when eating right. I hear people, who never seem to be able wrap their heads around my decision, comment on my protein intake much more than I need to. Protein shakes are a necessity in my life with the amount of physical activity I participate in. Several studies have shown that vegan diets are abundant in potassium, folate, magnesium, and important vitamins like A, C, and E. Veganism also reduces the chance of type 2 diabetes up to 50-78%. If that’s not enough, veganism also gives a 75% less chance of gaining high blood pressure, and a 42% lower risk of dying from heart disease. So on the bottom line, veganism would dramatically improve my health, though this is only if I’m responsible about what you eat. With the support of my family I’d be just fine with making smart eating choices, because I’m raised in a family where I’m surrounded by healthy foods.

My finale debate on going vegan is just knowing it will make me happy. Again, I’ll be supporting something very important to me, but also for the science behind the diet. Magnesium from all the whole grains I’d consume are a great source to boost my mood, same effect with calcium, protein and iron; this may come as a surprise, but meat is not the only source of iron! Plants are loaded with it, and it’s a very important mineral. It carries oxygen throughout the body, providing the energy I need.

So maybe this choice will be beneficial to me, or maybe I won’t be able to stick with it. Standing up for what I believe in is enough of a reason for me to take this path, the health factors are another bonus. I believe I will be happier promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle. Though there will always be people trying to change my perspective, after reading my reasoning, can they really tell me I’m wrong?

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