Fined For Not Recycling

By , Denver, CO
Do you think recycling is positive? I do, and I believe people should be fined for not recycling. If you recycle, you will do good to our community. If you reuse things, you will have a green thumb. If you don’t recycle you should be fined, for recycling is beneficial to nature, it is part of the cycle of reusing and not wasting resources, and recycling saves you money.

First of all, recycling is beneficial to nature. Mother Nature would be clean for beautiful views. People would start appreciating nature more. Animals will live in a clean and safe environment. If we didn’t recycle animals will be getting their heads stuck in cans or be suffocating from all that trash. Therefore, you should be fined for not recycling, because it would be beneficial to nature.

Then, recycling is part of the cycle of reusing and not wasting resources. It is beneficial because you are reusing your things that at one point you thought was just junk. After this you will not be wasting items that you could use. Therefore, fined for not recycling will not waste you any resources.

Another reason why you should be fined for not recycling is because cities will save a lot of money. For example, Patricia White got fined $2,000 after her community members found newspaper in her trash can instead of the recycling bin. But, if she had recycled, she would have not had to pay all of that debt. Patricia had to pay eight fines, and after that, she probably didn’t do it again.

In conclusion, everybody should be fined for not recycling for the following: it is beneficial to nature, part of a cycle of reusing not wasting, and saves you money.

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AhAhAh said...
Feb. 24, 2014 at 10:30 am
This is ridiculous. $2,000 for some NEWSPAPERS?!?!
Roxanne14 said...
May 7, 2013 at 11:21 am
I love your article Londra lol ;)
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