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"Preserving Our Future" Reply

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Re: “Preserve Our Future,” by Katie B. (Op-Ed, March 8)

Global warming is real and a lot of people still need to open their eyes and realize it. Global warming is mostly our, the human race, fault. Everyone is saying that they want to make an impact, but when you step back from the real picture and observe it for even just a slight second, are we? Are we making an impact on the Earth’s continuously rising temperatures? Is the human race actually changing our future?

Global warming is a well know problem in the U.S.A and all over the world. Presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers, and other heads of nation, are arguing and debating over the situation. Many arguments have aroused from which country has the most potential and power to make the most impact, and the contribution of money to help solve the problem. Global warming is a large contributor to many country’s debates, and the earth’s constantly changing climates.

Sadly, we as people have not taken our part as to use our intelligence and fulfill our duty as to stop this so-called catastrophe. Global warming is believed to be the people of the world’s fault. This is easy to believe for over many centuries the average, monthly trash consumption, car rides, and other planet harming activities have increased considerably. Global warming to a handful of people is a positive thing, because they are getting warmer days. This is good, for many Americans are being optimists and looking for the positive in this situation. However, to change the current global crisis, we must focus on what negative things global warming and greenhouse gases our doing to the environment. Global warming is melting major ice caps, killing endangered species, making temperatures rise and fall, creating major storms, and evening causing less snow days, breaking little kids’ hearts. In the overall picture, global warming is most likely not the best thing to excite over.

There are many activists fighting to save Mother Nature and her atmosphere. Along with these strong believers and action takers, are the lazy, couch potatoes who know about this global crisis, yet they don’t help, or just maybe don’t know how to help. Now it is understandable when you are a busy, hardworking citizen. However, no one is asking you to volunteer your time at a recycling center. Simple steps can cure our sickly planet. Simple steps include: recycling, turning down heat, turning down the air conditioning, using less hot water, turning off lights, and carpooling. To many people, these actions are familiar, and feel this is nothing new. However, to those people, how often do you strive to make sure each of these activities take occurrence on a daily basis? These effortless steps, when taken by most every North American, European, Australian, Asian, and Africa, can actually change and preserve our future. The key to this success is holding yourself and others responsible for taking action in our world today. Making sure you know what to do and how to do it when it comes to saving Mother Earth. So if you really want to make an impact and truly “preserve our future” than I advise to not only make sure you are striving to cure the planet, but to helps other by informing them on global warming and giving them the responsibility to take an action. Because after all, Mother Nature needs to know she has loving, caring, and responsible hands to fall back on.

The author's comments:
This is a response to an article I read by Katie B. "Preserving Our Future". My position on her article is agreement. I wrote this article to state my opposition with more depth.

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