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March 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Whaling today continues as one of the most high-tech industries in the world. You may think no one hunts whales anymore but it still happens and whales can in no way defend themselves. The ships that they use belong to huge cruise liner in size hunting ships along with small spotter and hunting vessels. You may ask yourself, who in the world hunts them? A Japanese fleet led by huge factory ships under the name Nisshin-Maru, translation Mother Ship. Under law they can do this for scientific research and after they conduct their studies can in fact consume the whale products. I see it as having an excuse for free meat to sell in their markets.

The harpoons these ships used can be fired from cannons propelled by compressed air into the whale instead of being thrown. Many of these harpoons fired at the whales become shaped with grapple like appendages when fired. These whales bleed out and suffer for almost three minutes although some go through this pain for five minutes only being released by a rifle shot to the head.

The Japanese claim they do this for scientific research but, I would ask why they carry huge signs with English writing stating what “scientific” testing they do to these poor animals for example. “We are collecting tissue samples” or “Testing stomach contents” and why must they hunting illegally in Australian waters? Why do they need so many specimens to study? Why do they have L-RAD on their ships, who do they want to keep away?

Ships like the Steve Irwin fight against these eco terrorists with childish tactics, throwing rope in front of the ships to try and disable a prop or throwing stink bombs on board of these ships but, still Japanese whalers have not gotten the message that too many whales are being taken out of our oceans and they need to stop illegally hunting whales in Australian waters and anywhere for that matter. We must make a stand and stop them before our children think of whales as made up fairy tails.

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