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Machine of Gaia

April 26, 2023
By Yourlocalgaywitch BRONZE, Conroe, Texas
Yourlocalgaywitch BRONZE, Conroe, Texas
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Curiosity is said to have killed the cat. However, I believe that statement to not be true. Curiosity is the main driving force of the intricately built vessel known as my mind. Driving me to explore new areas whether said areas are internal or external. Each aspect of the world is a part of a giant machine. Gears turning continuously, bolts merging the steam pipes to spinning objects of motion. Giant cylinders pumping life into every inch of the earth, such a creation put into perspective makes the human species seem like ants in an ever-expanding jungle. While we may be small, people play an important role in making sure such a beast functions with ease. The purpose of humans is to help each other as if we are gears in the mechanisms of the world. 

Knowledge is like water. Such a necessary ingredient for life, yet so easily taken for granted. Thankfully, curiosity is the compass that leads to knowledge, and I will follow that compass to the ends of the earth. As a newly developing specimen, ears pink as peaches tingled as the sound waves drifted from the liquid life force. Speaking to her faint whispers through cries similar to a newborn pup. As my vessel transformed, so did my setting; pinewood forests shifted into lush jungles. Whispers became voices while my cries became words; curiosity puppeting my feet guiding me to the source of such beautiful chords. Upon my discovery, once sturdy knees buckled before such a vast, yet breathtakingly gorgeous sight; a never-ending sea of knowledge drawing me in as a siren draws in her prey. Starting with the dip of a toe into the expanse led to sipping gently from life itself led to dancing vivaciously with the waves of the mind. A flood crashes into my sponge of a brain overwhelming me with a whole universe of subjects, facts, research and more that words cannot express. What began as gentle wandering turned into passionate running as I dove deeper into the ocean of undiscovered intelligence.

Sadly, I could not float in the waters of knowledge forever. Reality is something that is often escaped and eluded, but never gone; we must return to reality sooner or later. Poseidon’s kingdom accepts visitors, but Gaea’s realm is the true home. Therefore, my twig-like limbs crawled my way into Gaea’s arms, and in her embrace mother nature whispered, “ Use your discoveries child.” With a mind temporarily quenched of thirst and a body rejuvenated, I reentered back into my species’ congregation. Eyes seeking out people I knew, I spilled my findings of math, music, art, and history to their eager statues of bodies. Clocks ticked on and so did I. Tic tic tic, toc…I find myself amongst an organization of women who have discovered the secrets of the mind as well. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by the crashing waves again, dancing amongst the tides under the sun and moon. Only this time, my fellow species is beside me leaping and gliding with the currents as I have all my life. A year turned into two, then four, then a decade, then finally into fourteen cycles of the earth dancing around our star. My fellow women shared their knowledge through waterfalls and springs as our congregation worked on earning badges of mastery. Cooking, Business, Nature are a few that our vessels display with pride on clothes draped over our dripping bodies. Adventuring into Gaea’s empire while writing muses and hymns as offerings to such a gracious and powerful woman. Our growing bodies, like trees sprouting into the endless sky, labeled our organization as Girl Scouts. A massive lake being filled by countless waterfalls pouring their essence into the never-ending bowl of minds.

Such a lovely cluster of puddles and seas I effortlessly exist in. Despite such comfort amongst the nereids and naiads, my compass drives me elsewhere. Far away from the ocean’s embrace and toward the heavens where stars are so close they drift across my cheeks leaving particles of freckles I call my own. A hidden world amongst the clouds, shielded from society’s ignorant eye.  Lush plants sunbathing while flowers flirt with the breeze. Leaves mingling with vines as if they can’t live without the other. Twisting, swaying, thriving amongst the great mountains of Honduras. Birds floating with wisps of Olympus; nectar dripping down in the form of rain. So far from the sea of knowledge, yet still surrounded by her beauty and essence. Droplets from the heavens caressing my specks of stardust painted on my skin as I sit with people who have become one with the mountain. Lemongrass tea sinking into my fragile organs, spreading through every inch of my body warming me with the citrusy sweetness of the earth itself. After such greetings, my fellow peers begin to install the machine of society into the ethereal surface of nature. With permission of course from the mother directly, we combine rock with metal sheets, blanketing a cement block with the industrial cloth of sturdy steel. Natural earth merging effortlessly with her reformed core. During times of rest, a newly made friend gently grasped my callus-ridden hands and guided me through her home on the sturdy mountain. Water trickles down her lips soft as butterfly wings, the taste of her knowledge is foreign to my tastebuds. Combined with my own puddle, I could not decipher such droplets logically, however my puddle consumed it as if our waters were never apart.

Gaea, the Greek primordial goddess of all the earth breathes into every vessel of life continuously. She is the beginning and end of everything that has ever existed, the heart of the great machine. The final gear that connects every single bolt, pipe, and rotator to one another allowing Poseidon’s essence to flow into each crevice known to man. I am a consumer of such essence and a freshly oiled gear in the machinery of all life. Journeying the unexplored areas of this planet, exchanging and combining knowledge with others, continuously soaking up information as if I am a constantly thirsty sponge. I will continue to do such activities in order to expand my horizons and spread Gaea’s loving embrace. 

The author's comments:

This is an essay I wrote for a scholarship about how closely tied humans are to nature while also being an industrial machine.

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