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What can people do to help people from losing their homes to forest fires?

December 3, 2019
By Jesus-Aguayo BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Jesus-Aguayo BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Do you live near the forest which catches on fire constantly? And if you do does the government promise you it will never happen again? If they do there not going to help the city very much because they don’t want to spend money on building shelters or hire people to protect the environment. People should stand up to the government to get them to build a shelter or something to prevent these forest fires from spreading and destroying peoples homes and even killing them people are being lied to in different places about forest fires for example Kate Armanini states”we were given the impression that there would never be a fire of that severity again, and yet here we are; nothing has changed”. People shouldn't be lied to about these things it's not fair to them because they really relied on that fact of it not happening again and then end up losing their homes right after. Another example is that people shouldn’t have to worry about air quality or whether if the power will be shut down. No one should have the fear of his or her homes being burnt down. People really should tell the government that they need to cooperate with the city and the people to prevent wildfires. If people do build this shelter or do pay people to take care of the environment maybe people will feel more safe and people's safety rates will decrease making other things go down such as crime rates. There are no voices speaking up the fact that government doesn't help who will speak up for these people. 

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