Computers and Animation

November 2, 2017
By Jp241 BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
Jp241 BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
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In the world of film, there are so many types of films but the one that is used the most is animation. Animation has been through many changes though the years but the biggest was a small invention known as computers. Now every animated film is animated by computers, and many people like the new change. Animated film should be animated with computers instead of the old hand drawn technique because it would waste less time, it would look cleaner, and it would be less harmful to the environment.

First of all, the animation looks amazingly cleaner when done on a computer rather than on paper. Why is that important? Well, when animation was first brought into film, it was sloppy and look more of a flipbook than an actual film but now that computers are being used they look more like why they are and not sketched out as before or to put it shortly "can base drawings on what appears on the screen." (Brown, Jennings. "Animators Little Friend.").

Second of all, the amount of time spent making an animated film would be cut in halve when done on computers rather than hand drawn. Why is time an important issue? Film need to have the time put into them, and that is true but when introduced it would be a long time before the final product is finished. Now that the computers are used the time it takes is down by fifty percent or in simpler words " is better but only by comparison." (Douthat, Ross. "To Not So Boldly Go").

Lastly or Third of all, it would be less harmful to the environment when done on computers rather than draw by hand. Many people don’t understand why that computer animation would be "Less Harmful" but when it was brought in to film, approximately eighty-one percent of paper was thrown away when making a film but now it is simpler now than as it was back then or simply put "This works especially well." (D'alto, Nick. "Figuring it out.").

Animation has come far from its early years and it will continue as time goes on, but if one thing is for sure it will not be going anywhere. Give it a try, it might change the way an animated film is watched.

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