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How Country and Pop Are the Same

October 19, 2017
By davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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now, what I mean specifically is stadium country and the vapid "poppy" songs. for those unaware of what "stadium" country is, the basic idea is "how can we trick hardworking individuals into giving us their money by using the right language, but ultimately not actually saying anything they would actually enjoy or agree with if they analyzed the lyrics.” if you don’t know what “vapid” pop is, get out. No, just get out. I don’t want you here, and you need to leave before I turn this article around.

Alright, with that out of the way, and people who I would lose in this paragraph out, let’s begin. Now, how are they similar? Going to a mass audience? Southerners, that’s a pretty big crowd, and I'd say anyone who doesn’t care about lyrics is the bell curve. So let’s give that a check. Very marketable? Red trucks, beer and... other things... are fairly good selling points, and again, whether it’s “look how deep I sound” “we like to party, we like, we like to party” or “I'm gorgeous and my lyrics are vague enough to insert yourself into” that’s highly marketable. Not really doing anything with that audience and fame? Well, that’s what started this piece, right?

So, if it’s that clear and short, why write this piece in the first place? I mean, anyone who didn’t like these genres already figured that out, and anyone who does won’t read this. Well, maybe they will. Maybe, those who hate pop or country, but love country or pop will read just to go “oh, you’re so wrong. You’re wrong because of this, this, and this.” Which, going back to it’s not like this will change anything, will be nice, however my point is this: if you really do hate one and love the other, maybe take a look at yourself and make a change, because they seem to be taking cues from each other, at least if this techno-country thing has any correlation. Whatever. Y’all won’t listen to me, just your music. I think I'll join you... I'm Eminem, but not slim shady, no not slim shady.

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let's hope theed realizes "i'll turn this article around" was a joke.

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