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January 27, 2012
By emmabergman GOLD, ., New Jersey
emmabergman GOLD, ., New Jersey
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Imagine changing lives with Teresa Guidice, one of the stars from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. “Where’s my stylist?!” you shriek pretty much to yourself unless of course you aren’t including the cameraman. “I’m hosing the benefit in an hour.” Dragging out the vowel sounds as you speak, you sound like there’s something lodged in the back of your throat. As you walk up the winding mahogany stairs, your ridiculously high heeled pumps clacking on the ground, you fluff your silky dark hair. Thinking about how Melissa, your snotty sister in law, is going to be at the party you can’t help but harrumph. Since you know that the viewers will be expecting you to make mends with your relationship, you decide to call her up. “Oh, I’m so happy that you can make it tonight!” you say in a high pitched voice with a fake smile on your face. Two minutes later you call your friend screaming, “Oh my gosh! She is such a…” Reality TV is fake. First and foremost, not everyone lives on the lap of luxury like all of these shows portray. Moreover, the people on these shows are either really good actors or they’re just mentally crazy because that’s not the way things work out. Last but not least, it is a known fact that the producers of the TV show can edit certain things out and exaggerate other things to make the show more entertaining for viewers. Being a Guidice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is as fake as Teresa’s Botox.

“I want this, this, ooh, and that.” It’s as if money trees grow in these reality TV stars’ backyards. Kim Kardashian, the star of Keeping up with the Kardashians, recently spent 20,000 dollars on her wedding cake. The Guidice’s spent over 9,000 dollars just on their children’s over the top wardrobes. The Millionare Matchmaker, Patty, spent thousands of dollars just because it was finally her turn to go on her perfect dream date. Many of these gossipy reality TV stars have multi-million dollar homes, and then they go and complain about small little things. These shows portray the people in New Jersey to being filthy rich, with big hair and fake nails. Sending out a bad message, they throw their money away like it’s not worth any thing. The wrong idea spreads like a highly contagious disease with no cure. Not everyone in New Jersey have annoying accents, fake features, and big bucks that they can just toss around. Not all people are spoiled with cash, and there are actually some people that work hard for a living. There are people who are struggling with money. There are people who work so tenaciously to maintain enough money just to buy food. There are people who have worries filled up to the brim of their lives. Reality TV practically only display shows about people who are so fake with nothing to worry about but petty little dramas. While poverty confines the nation in its despairing grasp, these famous stars frolic around with pennies raining over them. This is just not the ways of life.

Family feuds, random outbursts, and uncalled for attacks are specialties of Reality TV shows that are shown in today entertainment industry. Joe Gorga, Teresa Guidice’s younger brother who also stars on the show, hasn’t talked to his sister in years. All that they do is bring out the negatives in each other. Come on, they’re brother and sister! You don’t treat your family like that. I have two younger brothers and a little sister on the way, and yes we do argue, but we always make up. These celebrities are in ongoing arguments with their brothers, sisters, family, and friends. Can they really not stand being in the others presence that much, or are they just constantly bickering for the camera? Why is everything in their life a silly little argument that instead of blowing over blows up? They’re acting to occupy the viewers’ amusement, that’s why.

A recent study shown in a People Magazine interview states that some of these Bravo Reality TV shows may be a little biased. Obviously, Bravo has access to all of the footage on set easily giving them chances to edit things in and out of the show. They can easily blow things out of proportion. Pursuing this further, when these catty ladies appear at big parties and freak out because some one else who they are fighting with is there to, doesn’t it seem a little planned? Fights can be arranged on these TV shows by the snap of a producer’s fingers. 72 % of these shows are thought to be planned out. Sometimes I wonder why every time these women are together it’s like a room filled with cats and dogs. Then my mind flashes to the person typing away on the computer creating lines for these women to recite and making everything seem a little more drastic. Anyone can read lines off of the cue card; anyone could edit things to make them seem different. Everything is not is not what is seems.

As fake as plastic, these reality TV stars don’t really live in reality. First of all, they live with all their wishes as the worlds command. Furthermore, they act to keep the ratings of the show up. Finally, these ladies undoubtedly read lines. Ultimately, these people are only in it for the show. As my eyes bulge watching the ridiculous shows, I begin to wonder. Is our world really going to turn out into pointless dramas? Will we wake up one day and live in these “realities” like them? What is our world coming down to?

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How real is reality tv?

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Thank you soo much!! I am not the only person who has a few braincells to figure this out. I don't watch reality television becuase I am so sick of the fakeness. Great article!