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Trésor In Love by Lancôme Paris

January 17, 2011
By lbiggs2451 SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
lbiggs2451 SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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This is a print as for Trésor In Love perfume, made by Lancôme Paris Company. This as features print and television ads. The campaign was created to advertise Trésor In Love perfume and was released in the fall/winter season of 2010... Just in time for the holidays!

Trésor In Love perfume targets Lancôme’s younger market. According to Lancôme, Trésor In Love perfume is “youthful, modern, and a fun flirty fragrance” that branches from the original Trésor perfume. This new fragrance by Lancôme is meant to “capture the spirit of the first moment of love” according to Lancôme’s website. This fairly new fragrance typically sells for $42-$72 depending on the size per bottle. With that in mind, Lancôme is looking to attract ranging from ages 14 to 25 years old. However, the target ethnicity is not known. We see that every model in Lancôme’s ads for their perfumes have been white women. This would suggest the target audience is also white; however, it is possible a person of any race could relate to the model. Although the price range sweeps from a relatively low to high range, we can make assumptions that “higher class” women use this type of perfume due to the fancy clothes both models are wearing in the as and the cost of the perfume.

Spokesmodel Elettra Rossellini wears a white dress with a black ribbon and rose going across the dress with black gloves to accent as well. She is standing against to what looks like a tall white door with silver accenting. In front of the gorgeous model, a handsome man dressed in a black suit is closely against Elettra Rossellini with his left hand strategically placed his hand on her hip. The name of the fragrance is on the left side of the ad right above the bottle of Trésor in Love perfume. “Trésor In Love” is written is a light pink color giving the look of fun or flirty to the words. The name of the perfume looks as if it was written in a light pink lipstick. Under this text, in white there is writing that says “The new feminine fragrance.” Off to the left side ad, a bottle of Trésor in Love perfume is prominently featured in the foreground. Under the bottle of perfume off rather to the left is Lancôme’s web address. The only other text on the ad is the name of the company itself: Lancôme Paris. This is place on the bottom far right side of the ad and is written in white. The designers of this ad appear to be going for an “elegant” or “feminine” look, utilizing the colors of white, black, and pink. Pink is a soft color, associated with baby girls and femininity. It is important to note that the female model and male model both look as if they have encountered the first moment of love. This ad seems to glamorize what love “looks” like. This is bad because no perfume can bring love. Further, a lot more then a gaze is needed fro a living and fulfilling relationship.

This ad uses symbols of youthfulness, sexuality, and love. Symbols include the tall white door with silver accenting Elettra Rossellini in a white dress with a black accent ribbon and rose going across the dress and black gloves, and a handsome young man in a black suit. These symbols promote the concept of youthfulness, young love, and wealth.

This ad uses testimonials. They use a famous person to sell people this product. Even though Elettra Rossellini and the product do not have anything in common, she is paid to promote the perfume. Elettra Rossellini follows a line of gorgeous famous women such as her mother and grandmother. Elettra Rossellini’s mother was a spokes model for Lancôme Paris four fourteen years.

Finally, this advertisement uses the technique of beautiful people. Elettra Rossellini and the male model pictured in the ad are both good-looking. The use of beautiful people in this ad suggests if women use this type of perfume, they will look youthful and be more fun and flirty. They may even capture the spirit of the first moment of love if using this perfume.

There really appears to be no healthy messages in the advertisement. The implication is that buying and wearing the new, flirty, and fun perfume will in turn make a woman sexy, flirty, and fun. She even may become as lucky as the model in the ad and snag a handsome hunk for her own. In reality, a spray of ‘Lancôme Paris’ flirty and fun fragrance will not provide any women with the fantasy of capturing the spirit of the first moment of love.

This ad does not tell the consumer the price per bottle, between $42-72, and the ingredients of the perfume. The ad also does not allow the viewer to know what the perfume smells like.

The timing of when this ad was launched ifs relevant due to the fact that the holiday season of 2010 is just around the corer. This ad is continued push for consumer culture that makes a promise of youthfulness and love through product purchases.

It is unclear how much Elettra Rossellini was paid for doing this campaign for Lancôme Paris/ Trésor in love perfume. Overall, the cost to make this ad even possible still does not provide the buyer with the fantasy of capturing the spirit of the first moment of love.

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