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January 7, 2010
By Shelby McGill SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Shelby McGill SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Are Celebrities Judged Fairly?

In the article ‘Tweenyboppers at Work, by Meghan O’Rourke, she talks about Miley Cyrus and her so called “racy” photos. She explains how she doesn’t think they are racy. In one of the photos, she is with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. O’Rourke says people criticize Disney and her parents. Even though the photos were for a Vanity Fair shoot, people still don’t think she should be involved in these types of photos. O’Rourke also says she doesn’t agree with these comments and doesn’t think that the photos were racy. O’Rourke talks about the show Hannah Montana for a few paragraphs. It talks about how much of a good girl Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) is. Then the article gets to the most important part. O’Rourke wrote “The scandal that erupted last week is that it’s an example of the real dilemmas a 15-year old celebrity has to navigate.”
The photos don’t appear racy at all. I don’t blame Miley’s parents for supporting her. She is trying to promote herself and get away from the goody-goody image that she has. She is trying to get away from this image because she isn’t a kid forever. She is growing up and wants to make a new name for herself.

O’Rourke’s last main point makes the whole article. When saying these are examples of real dilemmas that younger celebrities have to deal with, is true. Were these photos racy? Or was it Miley Cyrus being a 15 year old girl that has a lot of media attention on her. Representing Disney Channel also did not help the fact. Celebrities are judged more than they should be. They also have it harder than any non-celebrity does.

As kids in high school, we think it is the end of the world if a rumor is started about us and it gets around school. Can you imagine having the entire country find out? Is it really what the celebrities did that was so horrible or are they just being judged so harshly because they are being watched by millions of people on a daily basis. People’s kids look up to most of the celebrities. If someone doesn’t want their child doing things like the celebrities, they become ridiculed. Non-celebrity parents don’t always have people watching and causing problems when another parent doesn’t like their parenting styles. People should take a step back and really think about how bad the incident was before they are quick to judge.

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