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Why I Love b.t gottfred

December 19, 2018
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"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

b.t. gottfred is by far my favorite ya romance author. he has only three books, “forever for a year,” “the nerdy and the dirty,” and “the handsome girl and her beautiful boy.” i have read two of the three and loved them so incredibly much! the storylines in “forever for a year” and “the nerdy and the dirty” were so adorable, i fell in love with the characters so quickly. it’s unreal how badly i didn’t want those books to end, and how excited i am to read “the handsome girl and her beautiful boy.” the author’s name alone had me excited, but the title also peaked my interest. i’m a huge supporter of the lgbtq community, and am also pansexual, so hearing a title like that certainly has me interested. the summary of it that i read online confirmed my hopes for the book. b..t. has made a book that discusses discovering your gender identity and sexuality.

what i love about b.t. is how real he is. he isn’t afraid to include content that makes him not so popular with the parents. in today’s world, that content is relevant., and b.t. recognizes that. he understands teenagers (somehow) and he is able to put that into incredible books that make us feel less alone in this crazy world. he talks about young love, and portrays it so beautifully. he shows how devastating, yet helpful, your first heartbreak is.

so, b.t., keep crushing it, because you are making a huge difference (at least to me :)

The author's comments:

Yes, I didn't capitalize on purpose. It's a design aesthetic that I prefer. I had to write a piece about b.t. because he is so incredible!! 

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